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Helpful information about how to apply and receive free cell phone services from the government.

Free Government Phones West Virginia

Because of free government phones West Virginia residents, who are poor, disabled and elderly in the state now  have access to  affordable phone services.   Effective communication is essential for everyone, no matter what your station in life.   They are  companions for work, study research, work, and everything we do. No matter which type of mobile phone you have, you appreciate it when you have an emergency.  Even land lines are… Read More »

Free Government Phones in New York

New York City enjoys one of America’s most vigorous economies, yet to date, 46.5% of its residents live in poverty.  The Lifeline Assistance program, is providing government phones, in New York to low-income disabled, elderly and disadvantaged residents.  These phone subsidizes provide, the poor with the ability communicate effectively, when you qualify. New York like most cities is a city of contrasts.  You have the wealthy and the poor, with… Read More »

Reachout Wireless Free Emergency Cell Phones

Reachout Wireless free emergency cell phones, are great help, when you are in a tough spot!   These emergency phones are not  just to chat up your friends and family, but help in emergencies as well as the basic ability to communicate with others.    The FCC and the Lifeline Assistance Program, make this government subsidy possible,when you are enrolled in a federal assistance program, or meet the US poverty guidelines.  The… Read More »

Free Cell Phone Plan – Choosing the Right Plan

It can be confusing when trying to choose a cell phone plan.   It is a very important item, in these modern times. Just about every person on the planet has a, iPhone, blueberry or blackberry. It is not good enough to have a phone, but to have a portable means of communication that meets your needs, and budget. There are many phone plans and phones to choose from.  If you’re… Read More »

Government Cell Phones Help Working Poor

The working poor, and low-income families  all cross America, have experienced the benefits of having a free government cell phone.   During times, of sickness, unemployment and other life’s difficulties; these benefits are a tremendous help.   America was plunged  into financial hardship in 2008, because of the misdeeds of some financial and banking institutions.  Many lost homes, retirement and their jobs.  Things are getting better for some, but many  still experience … Read More »