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Helpful information about how to apply and receive free cell phone services from the government.

Lifeline Cell Phone Customer Service Numbers

This Lifeline cell phone customer service list, is a one-stop  resource for anyone trying to contact their Lifeline phone company.  We often get letters from people trying to contact their government phone providers.  Your can contact your company, by phone, email, or fax; however, you can reach some easier than others. If you have a Lifeline cell phone,… Read More »

Safelink Compatible Phones – Which Phone Models Work?

Are you looking for Safelink compatible phones?  We can help!  We often receive a letters from readers looking to purchase phones that work with Safelink Wireless service.   They were very frustrated when the got the phone home only to discover it was not compatible. This mix up can be prevented if you have the proper information about your phone provider and which… Read More »

Lifeline Assistance Phones – Free Phone & Minutes

The Lifeline Assistance program, has been providing free phone services to low-income residents since 1985.  Free phone service, often seems too good to be true. But, it is true!   They understand the necessity of being able to make a call during and emergency, or have access to necessary resources and opportunities.   The subsidy program has changed down through… Read More »

T-Mobile Ends Lifeline Discount

T-Mobile lifeline cell phone service is coming to an end. This major cell phone provider is pulling out of Lifeline program all together. They will no longer provide free government phone service to the disadvantaged, but will still offer a variety of phone plans. T-Mobile filed with the FCC,  notice of ‘Relinquishment of Lifeline Only Eligibility Telecommunications Carrier… Read More »

Free Government Smartphones

There has been a real demand for free government smartphones!   Now, many Lifeline providers are making smart phones accessible when upgrading your service.   They are available to low-income residences who are receiving public  assistance. These subsidized phones will make it easier for those who are struggling to make ends meet.   They can still have a form of communication… Read More »