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Reachout Wireless Free Emergency Cell Phones


Reachout Wireless free emergency cell phones, are great help, when you are in a tough spot!   These free phones are not  just to chat up your friends and family, but help in emergencies as well as the basic ability to communicate with others.    The FCC and the Lifeline Assistance Program, make this government subsidy possible,when you are enrolled in a federal assistance program, or meet the US poverty guidelines.  The Lifeline Program gives low-income households the opportunity to receive free or inexpensive telephone services, as long as they qualify.

With these emergency phones, you will be able to:

  • Look for work
  • Make a doctor’s appointment
  • Keep in touch with family when you are sick, disable
  • Need to call 911, or the abuse hotline
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There is no unlimited free talk and text, but a set amount of time, such at 250 monthly minutes, with the option to purchase additional time.   You will receive, a basic  phone, text messaging, call forwarding, voice mail and a charger.

When you have limited finances, and you talk a lot, your free services will expire in no time.  Purchasing extra time can become expensive, and it’s possible to spend as much money with the free plan, as if you had an unlimited talk and text prepaid plan. So if you are a heavy phone user, keep this in mind when setting up your services.

 Reachout Wireless Free Emergency Cell Phones -  How to Enroll

1. Visit Reachout Wireless website.  There you will find the option to fill out an online application  to print, mail or fax to the company.

2 . If you want to enroll  for Reachout Wireless free emergency cell phones, online go to the website; enter your personal zip code, to see if  they offer this service  in your state.  If there is no service in your state, also check out Assurance Wireless, and Safelink Wireless, who cover the majority of the U.S.

3. Enter you personal and physical information, such as Name, Address, Zip Code, DOB, Social Security Number and confirm your selection.

4. On the list of Government Services such as: Food Stamps, Disability, WIC, Medicare, etc.  Check the services you are receiving. Then confirm that information you provided is correct to the best of your knowledge.  You must agree give Reachout Wireless to access State and Federal data basis, to confirm, you are receiving government assistance.

5. Make your electronic signature and click, “create signature.”  You will be given a confirmation pin and the option to have it sent to you email address.

If you don’t like your emergency phone, once you’re approved you can always update it to a new, more productive model, such as a Smartphone.  Find out how to update your Reachout Wireless phone!


Enroll for Reachout Wireless Free Emergency Cell Phones – Here

Enrollment Support
877 870-9444

Customer Service
877 870-9222

Technical Support
888 592-0615


*How to Upgrade Reachout Wireless Phone*

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How to Pick the Right Free Cell Phone Plan

It can be confusing when trying to choose a cell phone plan.   It is a very important item, in these modern times. Just about every person on the planet has a, iPhone, blueberry or blackberry. It is not good enough to have a phone, but to have a portable means of communication that meets your needs, and budget.

There are many phone plans and phones to choose from.  If you’re unemployed, on disability, receiving assistance from a government program, you should consider the government subsidized program, until your financial situation changes.   It is a little overwhelming, even when choosing from all the  free phone provider program out there!  The  two main features of the government program are, the phones and the minutes are free, if you qualify.

What to Consider when Choosing a Cell Phone Plan

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What is your budget?  If money or credit is a problem, consider a prepaid or pay as you go plan. This way you know, every month the bill will be the same. There is also an incentive to not over use your cell phone, or to only use it for important calls.  If you get a plan you can afford, you will never have to worry about the bill.

Do you have a family?   A family plan, is great if there are several people in the family, if you can afford it.   This way, you will be able to have one monthly bill and be able to monitor your teens.

Are you using your phone for business?  If you use your phone for business, you will want a  phone plan, that offers unlimited minute with long distance no extra charge. These plans are seemingly a little more expensive, but will actually save you more money in the long run.

How old are you?  If you are an older person , you may want to pick a phone that accommodates the needs of senior citizens, like larger keyboards.  That would mean a phone like the Jitterbug, that offers larger phone that fits comfortable in the hand, with larger than usual buttons.

 Popular Free Providers

Once you get your phone, it is important to manage your manage your minutes .


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Government Cell Phones Help Working Poor

The working poor, and low-income families  all cross America, have experienced the benefits of having a free government cell phone.   During times, of sickness, unemployment and other life’s difficulties; these benefits are a tremendous help.   America was plunged  into financial hardship in 2008, because of the misdeeds of some financial and banking institutions.  Many lost homes, retirement and their jobs.  Things are getting better for some, but many  still experience  extended periods of unemployment, with no relief in sight!  Unfairly, some  label these folks as lazy!

The Working Poor

More people than ever are now receiving assistance from government programs.  I have seen  many parents struggle to cloth, feed and care for their family with wisdom and frugality.   Unfortunately many families are working and still living in abject poverty.  You have seen them standing in line at the grocery store with a books filled with coupons.   They work part-time, receive minimum wages and working multiple jobs are trying to survive.  These people are not lazy, they are poor.

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People need to know, there is help available, with  programs like, Food Stamps to feed their families; as well as  help will free cell phone service. These are the people who will take the help, only until they get back on their feet.      Free Government Cell Phone Guide, has evolved into a resource to help all who struggle with financial difficulties.   If you are working, and poor, underemployed, or have experienced a long period of unemployment or, illness my hope is that you will find help in the pages here.

“Our nation, so richly endowed with natural resources and with a capable and industrious population, should be able to devise ways and means of insuring to all our able-bodied men and women, a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1937″

This statement  made 76 years ago, is a true today, as when first stated by FDR! Poverty is something that will never be eradicated, but we can, work to give people opportunities out of poverty. The US poverty line is $18,530 and as of 2011 .

In America, 10 million living in  work and live below the poverty line. Contributing factors to poverty. Farmers make us 16% of those living in poverty and those working in construction make up 11% of the working poor. The misconception is that people needing help from the government are lazy leaches who refuse to work!  They are not lazy, they are  the working poor.

There are many other programs that help disadvantaged families in America.  Find out more about cheap internet for as little as $9.99 a month.

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Blue Jay Wireless – Government Cell Phones

Blue Jay Wireless, is a cell phone provider making phone services available to, low-income and disadvantaged consumers, through Lifeline.  They service, Arizona, Colorado,  Hawaii, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, and Utah.

Lifeline a government  subsidy program, working with the FCC, to provide free phones to every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands.  Criteria varies from state to state, but the main goal is to provide affordable, and free phone services to low-income and disadvantaged consumers.

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Blue Jay Wireless has joined with The Samaritan Inn program, to provide affordable and  free government cell phones, to low-income families.  Samaritan Inn is an outreach dedicated to help the disadvantaged become self-sufficient and regain dignity! The Samaritan Inn, in McKinney,Texas, is a  program dedicated to helping the homeless by teaching life skill and providing opportunities for employment.

How to Qualify for Blue Jay Wireless Government Phones

You are eligible for these free services, if you receive assistance from a government agency, such as:

It is good to know, these government cell phones, are not extended only to the unemployed, but you may still qualify if your  gross family is at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

How to Apply

Find your state and download the application to find requirements in your state.   You may also provide a copy of a government program photo id. You must confirm you do not presently receiving phone service from another provider.  Mail and fax you information to Blue Jay Wireless.

Phone Plans

  • 125 free rollover minutes with one minute deducted for each text sent and received.
  • 250 free minutes with one minute deducted for each text sent and received.
  • (Oklahoma Only) 500 anytime minutes is $5.00 a month, with one minute deducted for each text sent and received. Minutes that are not used during the month will be lost. Fees and taxes apply.
  • Tribal Residents receive unlimited talk each month plus fees and taxes.  Minutes do not roll over.
  • Tribal 1000 minutes plans are $1.00 plus fees and taxes. Unused minutes do not roll over.  Tribal customer must enter a one year contract.

Purchasing Air Time

Adding Minutes your Bluejay Wireless service is inexpensive.  You can get an additional 100 minutes and text for $5.00 extra minutes and texts for $10 and 500 minutes and texts for $20.

If you’re interested in another cell phone provider that covers your state , try Life Wireless.

Blue Jay Wireless, is now expanding their services to cover the state of Kentucky!

5010 Addison Circle
Addison, TX 75001

Phone (855) 425-8529
Fax (888) 979-8316

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Free Cell Phones for Inmates – Really?

There’s a rumor going around that, the Obama administration was providing free cell phones for inmates! I though I would do a little research on the matter, but was having trouble finding any legitimate resource for this statement. I finally stumbled on information, I found quite interesting.

What I did find out, was the story stemmed from statements made by Attorney General Eric Holder, on March 24, 2014, about new regulations for better services for prisoners, prior to their release. The Justice Department, through the Federal Bureau of Prisons, has mandated all halfway houses, provide mental health, parenting classes, and substance abuse treatment for inmates. It is the hope that these services, help inmates with issues that caused them to end up in jail, in the first place.

Free Cell Phones for Inmates?

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Halfway house residents will receive travel vouchers, to look for jobs, and allowed to have ‘cell phones’. All this, is an effort to help inmates integration back into the community more effectively. The Attorney General stated, cell phone use would be allowed, but nowhere in the statement did it say, the government would be handing out free cell phones for inmates.

A cell phone, is a reasonable part of helping these people get back on their feet. Hopefully many will find employment, housing and in general, reconnect positively with society. Ex-offenders living in halfway houses, may have access to Lifeline Assistance, like anyone else, as long as the meet the criteria, set by the government to receive a subsidized phone. I now suspect it is a rumor of a political nature, and possibly put out there, to keep political tension going between the parties. I will share any new information I find on free cell phones for inmates!

What Eric Holder Really Said

In New Step to Fight Recidivism, Attorney General Holder Announces Justice Department to Require Federal Halfway Houses to Boost Treatment Services for Inmates Prior to Release

WASHINGTON—In a new step to further the Justice Department’s efforts towards enhancing reentry among formerly incarcerated individuals, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Monday that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) will impose new requirements on federal halfway houses that help inmates transition back into society. Under the proposed new requirements, these halfway houses will have to provide a specialized form of treatment to prisoners, including those with mental health and substance abuse issues. For the first time, halfway houses will also have to provide greater (full statement)

VIDEO: Attorney General Holder Announces New Requirements for Halfway Houses