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Government cell phones help disadvantaged families and individuals,

Lifeline Cell Phones for Poor

Government phones, help low-income residents in the U.S. every day. Without these Lifeline phones, many would not have access to something as basic and a cellular phone service. In times, of sickness, unemployment, and other life’s difficulties; Lifeline benefits are a tremendous help to the poor. America was plunged into financial hardship in 2008, because of the misdeeds of some financial and… Read More »

About Free Government Cell Phones

About Free Government Cell Phone Guide will help you navigate the host of government cell phone providers. Find out how to upgrade or get a smartphone. We know it can be a little overwhelming, choosing the right government cell phone. Let’s face it; nobody wants to search online all day, for good information. This site will help you find,… Read More »

Government Cell Phone Plans

The government cell phone program has been a great help to many disadvantaged individuals and families since the 80s. Cell phones make the world go around and keeps us connected to everything from families to our Facebook friends. Most of us would not know what to do without them. There are many people would not have a phone without… Read More »