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Find free government cell phone providers in your state.

Life Wireless Free Phones

Life Wireless cell phones provide free cell phones to the residents of  Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois,  Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island  and West Virginia.   It is going to know that the Lifeline program is working to make sure affordable phone service is available to every state. Life Wireless Free Cell Phones Each year more areas are covered… Read More »

Assurance Wireless How to Add Minutes

Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program and facilitated by Virgin Mobile. This government program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund.  This program is nationwide and reaches over 250 million people to date. This offer is not in all states, but the company is working to expand the service.  Presently Assurance Wireless service extends to:  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado,… Read More »

Alaska Communications Phones – LifeLine Free Phone Service

Alaska Communications, located in Fairbanks to Ketchikan Alaska connects Alaskans with low-cost phone services.  This is not a totally free government phone, but actually much better!  For $1.00 a month, qualified residents can received unlimited talk and text messaging. There is also a small surcharge for every phone. This  Lifeline phone service provider, gives each Alaskan the opportunity… Read More »