Stop Free Government Phones

Many want to stop free government phones. Lifeline provides free government cell phones, to low-income families. The government has been helping the poor get land line phone service since the 80s. Today they have upgraded the program to include cell phone service. There has been a cry against the government phone program. Even politicians are trying to shut… Read More »

Free Government Phones

Smart Phones – Mobile Devices Bad for Children

Smart phones are not only a business tool for adults and entertainers. They are a handy teaching tool for our children. While older children used them to do everything from playing games to school reach, children under five and up use them to learn their letters, colors and watch kid’s videos. Today, parents have a greater control what… Read More »

How to get a Free Government Cell Phone

We are often asked, “How do I get a free cell phone from the government?”   There are dozens of Lifeline cell phone providers, all across the United States.   You have access to phone upgrades and smartphones to choose from.  If you meet the financial guidelines, you are eligible to be accepted into the Lifeline program.    There are many hard-working people… Read More »

Make Money Giving Away Government Cell Phones

Cell Phones and phone sales.  You can make money giving away free cell phones this Summer!  If you have been looking for ways to make extra money, consider working as an affiliate agent with one of the popular Lifeline cell phone providers.   There are dozens of providers in the government phone program.  Find out which ones service your… Read More »

Kansas – Free Government Phone Service

Free mobile phone service, is available to residents of the state of Kansas.  Free government phone service has been serving the state of Kansas since 2011.  If you have not heard about this, you may be missing on a great opportunity to get free or discount phone service. Lifeline Assistance offers disadvantaged residents a free phone and 250 free minutes… Read More »

Free Government Phones