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State that offer the Lifeline cell phone program.

Kansas – Free Government Phone Service

Free mobile phone service, is available to residents of the state of Kansas. Free government phone service has been serving the state of Kansas since 2011. If you have not heard about this, you may be missing on a great opportunity to get free or discount phone service. Lifeline Assistance offers disadvantaged residents a free phone and 250 free minutes… Read More »

Mississippi Free Cell Phone Providers

Several free cell phone providers service the residents of the great state of Mississippi. You may qualify for free a government phone plan. That’s right, a free phone and minutes every single month you are eligible. The Lifeline government phone program has been helping low-income consumers since the 1980s, and they continue to help, as they expand services such… Read More »

West Virginia Free Government Cell Phones

Because of free government phones in West Virginia, residents who are poor, disabled and elderly in the state now have access to affordable phone services. West Virginia, sits in the Appalachian area of the Southern US. It is bordered by Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. In 2013, West Virgina lost $2.9 million as coal exports declined 40%, and… Read More »

New York Free Government Cell Phones

If you live in New York free government cell phones are available if you qualify financially. New York enjoys one of America’s most vigorous economies, yet to date; 46.5% of its residents live in poverty. The Lifeline Assistance program is providing New York free government cell phones, to be low-income disabled, elderly and disadvantaged residents. These phones give, the… Read More »