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Find the states that offer government phone.  Locate providers that offer Smartphones, Androids, and Data Wi-Fi.  If you receive SSI, Medicare, SNAP, WIC, TANF, or your gross family income is at or below the federal government guidelines, you may qualify.

Free Cell Phones in Georgia

Free cell phones help low income residents in the state of in Georgia.  If you receive assistance from a free government agency, you may qualify for this benefit.  Budget Mobile is one of the providers servicing the state. The point of the free government phone is to help the poor, that is why they are “free!”  That may change… Read More »

Alabama Free Government Phone Providers

Alabama’s, free government phone providers, are growing all the time.  If you live in the state of Alabama, you will be glad to know there are   government phone providers available to help you.   Alabama has been hit hard by the financial downturn and  since the recession, there are more people needing help in the state than before. Alabama… Read More »

Arkansas Lifeline Cell Phone Provides

The Arkansas Lifeline phone program, has several phone providers, offering  free phones, to residents who qualify.   These government phones can make a world of difference to a resident of Arkansas, who are out of work, disabled or elderly. Many states have been hit hard by the downturn in the economy.  Some have recovered, but far too many have… Read More »

Free Government Phones – Washington DC

Free government phones are available for residents of Washington, DC, who qualify financially.  If you are unemployed, or receiving government assistance, or are low-income, you can apply to receive a Lifeline credit. Washington is where our President lives, and our lawmakers work every day.  Those who run this country flourish, while, only a few blocks from the White… Read More »