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Safelink Wireless – Free Government Cell Phones

SafeLink Wireless provides free, and affordable cell phone services for, low-income families, and individuals, who qualify financially.  Many who are disabled, have lost their jobs, and work low waged jobs, now have access to the important resources a phone provides.   Many in the United State is no thriving. A surprising number of families with two adults working,  still… Read More »

Michigan Government Assisted Cell Phones

Today Michigan’s government assisted cell phones, are available to low-income, disabled and the elderly in the state.  There are many cities affected by the downturn economy.  Detroit, Dearborn, Flint, Pontiac, and Lansing, are some of the hardest hit cities in Michigan. For some, the loss of higher-paying factory and industry jobs,  have hurt not just families, but whole… Read More »