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Budget Mobile Phones – Lifeline Phone Service

Budget Mobile phones and cell phone service is available to the residents of 36 states in the U.S. This Lifeline phone service is available to the public through the Lifeline Assistance program. They serve low-income residents throughout the US. These government subsidized phones, give the poor access to free landline and cell phone services. Without the help, many might not be… Read More »

The Real Deal about Obamaphones

What is an Obama phone, and who is paying for them? Lifeline is a federal program, created in 1984, by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), during the Reagan administration. This was 12 years before Obama entered the Senate and over a decade before being elected President of the United States. The program began with the Telecommunications Act of… Read More »

Free Cell Phones in Georgia

Free cell phones help low income residents in the state of in Georgia. If you receive assistance from a free government agency, you may qualify for this benefit. Budget Mobile is one of the providers servicing the state. The point of the free government phone is to help the poor, that is why they are “free!” That may change… Read More »

Reachout Wireless – Upgrade your Reachout Wireless Phone

[UPDATE: At the time Reachout Wireless in no longer a LifeLine Provider. Please choose another cell phone provider. We will inform you of any further changes.] Did you know you can upgrade your ReachOut Wireless mobile phone for as little as 15$? Upgrade your ReachOut Wireless cell phone to get the newest models and upgrade features. Go to the… Read More »