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Safelink Compatible Phones – Which Phone Models Work?

Looking for Safelink compatible phones? We can help! We often receive letters from readers looking for compatible cell phones. Safelink is a government benefits program, helping low-income consumers with free and affordable phone service. When you qualify, you can receive free residential phone service or a cell phone plan. Many people keep the same phone they initially received when they joined the… Read More »

Safelink Wireless – How to Apply Online Video

SafeLink Wireless, is a Tracfone, carrier associated with the Lifeline assistance program. If you have heard of them, you know they offer free and discount phone services to the poor. If you qualify for these services, watch the ‘Safelink Wireless Apply Online‘ step-by-step instruction video below, to find out how to apply online. Online application sshould be simple,… Read More »