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Lifeline free cell phones help low-income families stay connected.

Smart Phones – Mobile Devices Bad for Children

Smart phones are not only a business tool for adults and entertainers. They are a handy teaching tool for our children. While older children used them to do everything from playing games to school reach, children under five and up use them to learn their letters, colors and watch kid’s videos. Today, parents have a greater control what… Read More »

Best Cell Phones for Seniors

If you are interested in cell phones for seniors, you will love the three listed here.  Senior citizens aren’t as tech savvy as many younger parts of society.  However, seniors are using cell phones more than ever before. There are few phone companies that make cell phones for seniors and cater to senior, and the vision impaired, such… Read More »

Cell Phone Radiation – Should we be Worried?

Not enough people are asking, about the potential effects of radiation coming from cell phone radiation.   With over 300 million men, woman, and children, using cell phones;  I think we need to know, the extent of the risk, and whether or not it causes cancer. to our health. Many billion-dollar industries are not quick to tout the inherent… Read More »