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Questions about the free government phone program.

Obama Phone – Trump Phone Program

Will President Trump Cut Obama Phone Program?  –  President Trump may cut Obama Phone Program.  With Trump winning the 2016 election, we are now at the beginning of a new administration, and with new presidents, there are often new changes.  The President is making cuts to 15 government agencies as a promise to cut waste and fraud.  There are major government programs… Read More »

Filing a Complaint Against A Free Government Phone Provider?

Government Cell Phone Complaints.  From time to time, we have had reader contact us about problems they are having with their phone, or phone service, and don’t know where to turn. This can be frustrating as everyone wants reliable phone service.  Have you ever spent what seemed like a lifetime, trying to reach a live person on the phone?  Things… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Government Phones

FAQ Free Government Cell Phones.   This guide will help to answer questions most of our readers ask.  These frequently asked questions, outlined, for your assistance.  Below there is a list of questions and answers on, free government phone companies and plans.  Our hope is to supply you with the answers you have about the program.  Below, we have listed, many… Read More »

Do you Qualify for a Free Government Phone?

Are you Eligible for a free cell phone?   Lifeline assistance works to help low-income working families and the poor have an equal opportunity to phone services.  These phones make the difference between being isolated and being able to connect with friends and loved ones.  Disadvantaged families are qualified to receive help with free phone service.   With the phone… Read More »