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alt=Government Cell Phones Find out everything you wanted to know about government cell phones.  The government phone program actually started with the Lifeline Program.   The program originally provided help with landline service for low-income and rural areas.  Today they have evolved to offer free cell phone service to all who qualify. They help with security deposits and gave discounts on monthly services.  The program has evolved to include free  Smartphones and discounted cell phone service from major phone companies.


Subsequently, they offer discounts on broad internet service, laptops, and computers to financially eligible families with school-aged children.  If you need a government cell phone, you will be glad to know that you may also be eligible.  You can qualify for this assistance even is your work.  Eligibility is determined by gross family income, not solely.  If you receive help from a government agency like TANF, SNAP, Disability, School Lunch, etc. Also, if you are interested in receiving a free cell phone, check out our freephone provider list to see what phones service your state.

Safelink Bring Your Own Phone

Safelink BYOP is a program that allows you to bring your own phone when you qualify for free government phone service.    Safelink Wireless bring your own Smartphone program allows you to get free cell phone service.  However, the best thing is you can keep your old friend! Your old phone is a familiar friend. You know where… Read More »

Easy Wireless Free Government Phones

Easy Wireless Free Government Phones.  Easy Wireless is a national cell phone provider providing prepaid wireless service throughout the  US, except for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.  Easy Wireless Lifeline assistance is available in Kentucky, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  All service is provided on one of the nations leading networks.  The Lifeline Assistance Program is a government assistance program… Read More »

FeelSafe Wireless Lifeline Phone Providers – Free Phones

FeelSafe Wireless Government Phones.  FeelSafe is a Lifeline phone provider that provides phone service to residents of California, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Like other free government phone providers, you receive free cell phone and service, including 500MB of Data every month you qualify.  This program helps low-income families stay connected with family… Read More »

Assurance Wireless Upgrades

Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones.  Looking for an upgrade phone?  Assurance Wireless is one of the most recognized names in free government phones.  Like every other wireless provider, there are certain phones that are compatible with that particular cell phone company.  Also, certain phones are programmed to be used by another provider may not work, even if it is the same or similar… Read More »

Guide to LifeLine Wireless Phones

Guide to Lifeline Wireless Phones.  If you can’t afford a cell phone consider free phone service with the Federal Lifeline program.  Lifeline is a program supporting low-income families by providing discounts on phone service.  Lifeline and Link-Up are both government programs that help with free phone services.  For years, the government and FCC have been helping disadvantaged households with… Read More »

How Can I Get A Free Government Phone?

Find out how to qualify for a free government phone –  We will show you how to locate and apply with cell phone providers in your states.  No contracts, credit checks, and no money down. We will show you who qualifies for a free government cell phone, how to replace a lost phone, and more.   Some call them Obamaphones,… Read More »

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service

Apply for free phone assistance.   We have received many responses from people asking how to apply for free government cell phone assistance from Lifeline. Yes, the information is already on our site, but we decided to show you step-by-step, how to request and receive free cell phone assistance.  The Lifeline program provides help to low-income families struggling to maintain… Read More »