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Government cell phones help disadvantaged families and individuals,

How to Get Free Talk Text Wifi

Free Talk Text Wifi.   Free cell phones help millions in America every day.  Have you ever wondered how do I get a free cell phone from the government?” Today the Lifeline phone program offers not only free cell phones but free talk, text & wifi.  But now you can get much more, depending on the cellular provider you choose. There… Read More »

How to Qualify for a Free Phone with no Money

How to qualify for a free government phone?  We will show you how to qualify for a free phone, with little or no money! You may be surprised to know that you may qualify for a free cell phone, even if you work.  The program helps the elderly, unemployed, veterans and disabled, with low-cost or free phone service.  The… Read More »

How to Apply for Free Phone Assistance

Free phone assistance.   We have received many responses from people asking how to apply for free cell phone assistance by Lifeline. Yes, the information is already on our site, but we decided to show you step-by-step, how to apply for free cell phone assistance. The Lifeline program provides help to low-income families struggling to maintain their households. They… Read More »