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News. The free government phone program changes from time to time.  Providers leave the program and government programs narrow or expand benefits.  When these things take place we will bring that news to you.

Obama Phone – Trump Phone Program

Will President Trump Cut Obama Phone Program?  –  President Trump may cut Obama Phone Program.  With Trump winning the 2016 election, we are now at the beginning of a new administration, and with new presidents, there are often new changes.  The President is making cuts to 15 government agencies as a promise to cut waste and fraud.  There are major government programs… Read More »

Stop Free Government Phones

Many want to stop free government phones. Lifeline provides free government cell phones, to low-income families. The government has been helping the poor get landline phone service since the 80s. Today they have upgraded the program to include cell phone service. There has been a cry against the government phone program. Even politicians are trying to shut down… Read More »

Community Voice Mail Help Homeless Stay Connected

Community Voice Mail,  is a national non-profit organization, which began in Seattle in 1991, and sponsored by Springwire.   The program is not is all U.S. states, but is spreading rapidly along with the concept of relieving poverty through technology. CVM offers homeless a means to communicate, leave and  receive messages from family, job opportunities, or medical professional.  Many… Read More »

Need Help Paying Bills

Many Americans need financial help paying their bills.  Friends and family members may be struggling just like many you.   Where do you go, when you have nowhere else to turn?  If you are looking for financial assistance, we want to tell you about a new website just for you.  If you are eligible for a free government cell phone, it is likely you are eligible… Read More »

Total Call Mobile Fraud Case – FCC to Fine $51 Million

Total Call Mobile a California-based phone provider is being fined by the FCC for $51 Million for.  The communications company knowingly defrauded  a popular program that helps low-income consumers with affordable phone service. Participating providers is they receive a  $9.95 subsidy  each month from the government for each person enroll in the program.  In exchange, the discount is supposed… Read More »

Cell Phone Privacy Issues – Is Anyone Safe?

Cell phone privacy issues have been a troubling issue for several years.  While it is true that cell technology is truly convenient, even the use of government phones may bring another issue to the mind. Are our conversations safe and confidential?  Or are all our cell phones vulnerable to being hacked? The very fact that every cell phone has a tracking… Read More »

Free Cell Phones for Inmates

There’s a rumor going around that, the Obama administration was providing free cell phones for inmates!  I thought I would do a little research on the matter, but was having trouble finding any legitimate resource for this statement. I finally stumbled on the information and found quite interesting.  The story stemmed from statements made by Attorney General Eric… Read More »