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News. The free government phone program changes from time to time.  Providers leave the program and government programs narrow or expand benefits.  When these things take place we will bring that news to you.

Free Government Phone Fraud & Abuse

Free government phone abuse, has gotten a lot of press.  The free cell phone program was started decades ago, to help rural poor; but not until the recent explosion of people receiving free cell phones, did you hear all the abuse!  The truth is, there is a lot of fraud and abuse associated with the program. You mostly… Read More »

The Real Deal about Obamaphones

What is an Obama phone, and who is paying for them? Lifeline is a federal program, created in 1984, by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), during the Reagan administration.  This was 12 years before Obama entered the Senate and over a decade before being elected President of the United States. The program began with the Telecommunications Act of 1996,… Read More »

TerraCom Wireless | Free Government Phone Fraud Case

TerraCom Wireless, who has been under scrutiny cuts its sales force.  TerraCom, is an Oklahoma-based company, participating in the FCC’s Lifeline program.  Many companies participating in the free government phone program aggressively court Lifeline subscribers.  They use TV, radio, and internet advertising.  The most aggressive of them all is the human field agents.  An independent field agent can be… Read More »

Why is the Government Spying on My Calls?

Is your government tracking phone calls?    If they are spying on the President of the United States and his cabinet, what do you think they are doing to the common people?  There is an urban myth that the no-cost cell phone program is a cover for the government to monitor the calls of beneficiaries of the Lifeline program. … Read More »

Don’t Stop Taxpayer Funded Cell Phones

Don’t Stop Taxpayer Funded Cell Phones.  Senator Bill Griffin of Arkansas introduced a bill to stop taxpayer-funded cell phones.  The bill’s purpose is to stop universal service support of cell phones through Lifeline.  This bill was also introduced in 2011, with no success.  Since 2008, when under President Bush, the program has doubled, in 143 million in one year,… Read More »

Everyone Doesn’t want the Free Cell Phone Program

The free cell phone program is back in the news again.  U.S. Senator David Vitter from Louisiana has introduced legislation to end to the Lifeline Assistance Program.  This program, that helps poor Americans with discount communications services. Lifeline Assistance was created in 1984 for landlines, and then expanded under President Bush to include cell phones. When an on-the-street… Read More »

TerraCom Wireless – Another Free Government Phone Company

If you live in Oklahoma, you can receive free phone service with TerraCom Wireless.  They are one of the original companies using Lifeline funds, to provide affordable wireless service, to low-income residents.  Their pay-as-you-go plans are affordable, and the customer service was excellent.  This free cell phone program does not require down payments, credit checks, or contracts for service. … Read More »