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Government Cell Phone Providers help low-income families keep up with the world around them.  Free government cell phone providers can be found in every state in the U.S.Keep in mind when providers send out phones they do not send the same phone to everyone.  When you are approved for the free cell phone program, you are not guaranteed to get a specific phone.  You will receive what phones are available, and they are not necessarily the latest models. But can you complain when you are getting something for free?

Under the Lifeline, free phone program phone plans and benefits vary, but all offer a free phone and free minutes.  There is a new push to get Smartphones in the hands to new and upgrading clients.

You may be eligible to receive a free regular cell phone or Smartphone if you qualify financially.   Find out more about this great program.  BYOP Bring your own phone programs, allow you to keep your old phone when you sign up with Lifeline phone service.

FeelSafe Wireless Lifeline Phone Providers – Free Phones

FeelSafe Wireless Government Phones.  FeelSafe is a Lifeline phone provider that provides phone service to California, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Like other free government phone providers, you receive free cell phone and service, including 500MB of Data every month you qualify.  This program helps low-income families stay connected with family, friends, and… Read More »

Assurance Wireless Upgrades

Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones.  Looking for an upgrade phone?  Assurance Wireless is one of the most recognized names in free government phones.  Like every other wireless provider, certain phones are compatible with a particular cell phone company. Also, certain phones are programmed to be used by another provider may not work even if it is the same or similar phone.  We… Read More »

Safelink Wireless Get 1000 Free Minutes & Unlimited Text

SafeLink Wireless Phones.  Safelink Wireless 1,000 free minutes, Unlimited Texts, and wifi.   Lifeline phones are a government benefit that helps low-income consumers.   Lifeline works with Safelink to provide free government phones with plans to low-income families and individuals who qualify financially.  They even have a bring your own cell phone program.  Free cell phones help many disabled, have lost their… Read More »

These Companies Offer Free Smartphones from the Government

Government Smartphones.  help millions of people in the U.S. stay connected to family, friend and more. Free cell phone companies offer smartphones to their new customers.   Government Lifeline assistance helps low-income families with free government cell phones and affordable phone services.  Cellular providers don’t need to offer smartphones.  But it is a very nice feature to bring in new customers. … Read More »

Cellular One Wireless Government Phones

Cellular One Lifeline provides federally subsidized cell phone service through the Lifeline Assistance program.  Cellular One Lifeline is extended to low-income families and individuals of tribal lands in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. The Lifeline Assistance Program’s function is to make free and low-cost phone service available to disadvantaged consumers.  The program began as a subsidy for landline service to… Read More »