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Government Cell Phone Providers help low-income families keep up with the world around them.  Free government cell phone providers can be found in every state in the U.S.Keep in mind when providers send out phones they do not send the same phone to everyone.  When you are approved for the free cell phone program, you are not guaranteed to get a specific phone.  You will receive what phones are available, and they are not necessarily the latest models. But can you complain when you are getting something for free?


Under the Lifeline, free phone program phone plans and benefits vary, but all offer a free phone and free minutes.  There is a new push to get Smartphones in the hands to new and upgrading clients.  You may be eligible to receive a free regular cell phone or Smartphone if you qualify financially.   Find out more about this great program.  BYOP Bring your own phone programs, allow you to keep your old phone when you sign up with Lifeline phone service.

True Wireless Lifeline Cell Phone Plans

True Wireless Lifeline Cell Phones, is another regional fee cell phone provider servicing the states, Arkansas, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Texas.  The Lifeline free phone program helps disadvantaged residents receive affordable reliable phone service.   They offer 90 free minutes, a free phone, 911 calls, text messaging and free phones, with the option of purchasing more air time each… Read More »

Reachout Wireless Phone – Free Government Cell Phones

ReachOut Wireless phone service helps low-income consumers with affordable and free phone plans.   Reach out, is one of the top cellular providers of government cell phones.   These phones help financially disadvantaged individual and families in the U.S.  This authorized company is a great option, for your mobile and landline services.   Their plans offer free cell phone and 250 talk… Read More »

StandUp Lifeline Cell Phone Provider

StandUp Wireless,  is one of the free government cell phones, working with Lifeline to provide free cell phones to the residents of Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland, and Missouri; and throughout the U.S.  Standup Wireless is not as well-known or large as providers such as Safelink, Assurance or Reachout Wireless; but their presence in the state is much appreciated in these… Read More »

Free Government Cell Phone Providers List

Free Government Cell Phone Providers | Free Government Phones.  Here is a list of cell phone companies, providing wireless cell phones, minutes and government smartphones.  See an overview of providers and the states they cover.  If your low income, you may qualify for the government-subsidized phone program.  Find out if you qualify and apply for a government-funded phone today.  Are you Looking for… Read More »

TerraCom Wireless – Another Free Government Phone Company

If you live in Oklahoma, you can receive free phone service with TerraCom Wireless.  They are one of the original companies using Lifeline funds, to provide affordable wireless service, to low-income residents.  Their pay-as-you-go plans are affordable, and the customer service was excellent.  This free cell phone program does not require down payments, credit checks, or contracts for service. … Read More »

Cintex Wireless Free Government Phones

Cintex Wireless offers free cell phones and services to qualified consumers.  They work with  LifeLine assistance to provide phone service to low-income persons and families in Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island or West Virginia.  Cintex only offers 250 talk and text minutes, and you are charged for text messaging for those who qualify. How to Apply for a Cintex Wireless Phone Go… Read More »