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By | August 14, 2018

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If you live in Iowa, New York, North Dakota, or Wisconsin, you may qualify for a Verizon Wireless Lifeline discount on your monthly phone service. Verizon is participating in the Lifeline phone program in a limited capacity and does not offer a totally free phone service.  At this time, there is no information about plans to extend the program beyond the above-mentioned states.  The Lifeline assistance program is the government benefit that provides free or discounted cellular services with from phone providers working with the program.  

Free Government Cell Phones

Verizon Wireless is authorized to participate in Lifeline and offers services in four states.  This subsidized benefit makes phone services more affordable for many low-income families, as well as individuals.   In most cases, the Lifeline discount provides a phone and free minutes every month.  

As with all program recipients, you must be a resident of one of the states listed above and currently participating in a government assistance program.  You must also qualify financially according to the US Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Lifeline is a federally-funded program giving discounts on cell and landline service for low-income residents.

With Verizon service you receive Voicemail, Caller ID, Call waiting, 3-way calling, Call forwarding.

Verizon, providers receive a $9.25 for each person enrolled in the program.  In fact, $9.25 is the stipend amount the government gives the provider for each person who enrolls in the program.  Verizon Wireless has not opted to give any additional benefits.

Program Restrictions

  • Services are not transferable to another person
  • When you run over your allotted time the charge is 45 cents per minute
  • One Lifeline phone per household ( a group of people living in one domicile)
  • Applicants must provide two proof of identity and certify they are eligible to receive this benefit
  • Violations of this rule will result in de-enrollment and banned from further Lifeline benefits

 Free Government Cell Phones

If you are looking for government phones and service, here is a list of providers that cover your service 100%.  Plans vary slightly but offer the same services.

Check Verizon Lifeline eligibility here

Check Verizon Lifeline eligibility here


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