Cell Phone Addiction – We are Obsessed

Cell phone addiction is a real thing.  If you would ask me if  I am addicted to my phone, I would answer, a resounding, “yes”!  I am a phone addict.  The world is addicted to their cell phones.  Technology addiction, as a fact,  is on the rise, since the invention of the smartphone, androids, iPads, etc.  With cell phone addiction you can not go anywhere without your phone.  If you leave the house and discover yours have left your phone home, if not to far away you are compelled to return home to get it.   Do you remember the panic that sets in?

What if I have a flat?  What is the car breaks down?  This is phone withdrawal and the panic that results when you are separated from it!  Average monthly around 459 minutes a month or about 91.8 hours a year on the phone.   This is phone addiction, my friend!  Average monthly around 459 minutes a month or about 91.8 hours a year on the phone.

Cell Phone Addiction

Dictionary.com lists addiction as, “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.”   Cell phones are our drug of choice, and we can not, we will not go without them!

Is Cell Phone Addiction a Bad Thing?

Cell phone addiction can destroy relationships, interfere with true intimacy, cause you to lose your job and really cause problems if you do not use your phone, wisdom, and moderation.  What did we do without this amazing portable technology?   It really is the perfect way to have control of a conversation.

You say what you have to say, without interruption.  When you want to end the conversation you just say…got to go!   If you need to find a restaurant, just ask Sirus and she will send you a list of eateries near you.  If you need directions, just ask!  You can download your favorite books or magazines, read or listen to the Bible, or play games on our phones.

The Down Side

Cell phone addiction is bad, when it interferes with our ability to do daily tasks, like driving, paying attention to our children, paying attention in school, or church, or when we are so glued to our phones that our families are neglected.

When cell phone usage caused us to be so distracted, that we are not aware of what’s happening around us, this is not good.  I remember a news report, where a woman was so busy, texting on her phone as she walked through a mall, that she fell into a fountain!  It was funny, but kind of sad at the same time.

Technology Addiction

Technology addiction is like any other addiction.  The only difference between technology addiction and another addiction is, technology is legal.  You don’t have to meet in a dark alley to get it.  It in not a banned substance; and our children are becoming addicted to their phones, and video games, at an alarming rate!

Cell phones are here to stay and with it technology addiction!   Soon we may communicate telepathically, and not need a device at all.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  However, for now, phone addiction is an acceptable evil and is probably here to stay.

*cell phone addiction in children and teens will require intervention or reasonable restrictions