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QLink Wireless Upgrade Qlink is one of the top cell phone providers in the Lifeline program offering a Smartphone to new clients.  You’ve had a phone for a few months and want to upgrade your QLink Wireless phone.  Choose from many new phones and Smartphones when you upgrade.  When you sign up for a free government phone, you are given a basic phone, depending on what is available.   It’s good to know, you are not restricted to keeping the original phone, but can upgrade to the newest model phones and smartphones.

There are so many great phones out there from Kyocera, Samsung, LG, Blackberry and more.  When you sign up for a free government phone, you are given a very basic phone, depending on what is available.   It’s good to know, you are not restricted to keeping the original phone, but can upgrade to the newest model phones and smartphones.   There are so many great phones out there from Kyocera, Samsung, LG, Blackberry and more.

Why a QLink Wireless Upgrade?

QLink is one of the fastest growing free government phone providers in the U.S.  They offer a variety of plans to choose from.  When you qualify, you don’t have to worry about credit checks, contracts, monthly bills, or surcharges.  They also offer low-cost prepaid wireless cell phone service, as well as affordable landline plans

Smartphones are very popular, because you have so many options, from face time,  alerts, video, the Internet, downloading music and so much more.  If you want to upgrade your Qlink phone, email the support department, and include your full name, account ID number, or your phone number issued by QLink Wireless, in any part of the email.

You will pay a small QLink Wireless upgrade fee, to change your phone. (1000 Texts / 250 Minutes Every Month)

QLink Phone Plans

You have an option of three plans.  You can purchase from $10 to $60 additional talk minutes

  • 250 monthly minutes
  • 125 monthly minutes
  • 68 monthly minutes

Plan Features

You plan will include tons of great features, which vary depending on your plan.  Benefits include:

  • Local Calling
  • Nationwide Long Distance
  • Voice Mail
  • Domestic Text Messaging
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Free Domestic Roaming
  • Free 911
  • 411 Directory Assistance
  • Carryover minutes, depending on the plan

 QLink Wireless Upgrade Phones

LG E610
LG Lotus
LG LN240 Remarq
LG LN510 Rumor
LG Rumor 2
LG VM701
Samsung M33
Samsung M330
Samsung M540 Rant
Samsung M550 Exclaim
Kyocera DuraPlus 4233
Kyocera Dura Max 4255
Kyocera DuraXT 4277
Sanyo Kantana LX
Sanyo Pro 700
Sanyo 2700
Sanyo 3810
HTC 7380
HTC PC36100
Blackberry Curve 8330
Blackberry 8703E
Palm Treo 800
Palm Treo 850
Motorola T603

 How do I Check my Minutes?

You can check how many minutes you have remaining in your balance, by dialing 611.  When prompted press 6, then 2, then 1.  If you have internet, you can also check your talk balance by going to www.qlinkwireless.com/login.  Next, log in with your username and password.  Then click on “View Usage/Minutes” under ‘My Q Link’.  If you have any further questions check their resource link.

Q Link WirelessUpgrade Here
Phone: 1-855-754-6543
Fax: 1-855-837-5465

83 thoughts on “QLink Wireless Upgrade Phones – Get a Newer Model Phone

  1. Tina Brown

    My phone from day one has been messed up! I dont get service anywhere on it at all and it will do things i didnt want it to do and not do things i do want to do! It is soooo slow doing anything… it drops calls all the time and when sending a text it will not send yet deletes it so i have to retype message everytime! Its a bad phone itself is all i believe

  2. Veronica andrade

    I accidently applied for another phone but i want to stick to what i have and possibly change plance with a blueberry curve is that ok i just nred to send you photo of ssn. Thank you

  3. Lester Trotter

    Please leave a text with the answer. I don’t have my email set up. Thank you.

  4. Lester Trotter

    Lester Trotter
    I hope you can send me another smart phone.

  5. Lester Trotter

    I would like an upgrade. This phone is way to small. I have trouble tapping the keys and seeing. It don’t work right either. Sometimes it goes off for no reason. I sure do wish I could get a lg phone. Maybe a LG Rumor 2 or a LG Lotus. Thanks so much.

    Lester Trotter March 10

  6. Victoria Litchford

    I would like to upgrade my q link phone if I could have LG i have a zte it always cuts my calls off when I’m talking to someone or when I go to messages it goes to something else not only that I have carpal tunnel and my vision is bad and zte little black phone id’s so small I’ve had it for a long while

  7. Victoria Litchford

    I would like to upgrade my q link phone if I could have LG i have a zte it always cuts my calls off when I’m talking to someone or when I go to messages it goes to something else not only that I have carpal tunnel and my vision is bad and zte little black phone id’s so small I’ve had it for a long while

  8. marilyn

    has anyone done the bring your own phone? will I phones work? i do know that it has to be unlocked. but online their is sprint unlocked, verizon unlocked, and so on…. does it that matter, as long as the phone is unlocked ?

  9. Shan I Bailey

    My phone does not ring in. only way I know that I am getting a call is to see it light up

  10. Donald cornette

    I have found my first phone, that you sent me, can I have it turned back on to my existing service?

  11. Jessica Bennett

    I would like to order an upgrade. Please contact me with the details.

  12. Lori Nolan fuff

    My email is Lori 394 at att.net. I’m having an issue with my internet is not working and I cannot send or receive emails from my cell phone I’ve already taken out the battery twice once yesterday once again today and it’s still not working and I don’t know what else to do do I need a new phone or what Lori Nolan huff in my phone number is area code 316-260-8936 that is my home number in my cell number I am asking about is area code 316 779 52 68

  13. Jazmine

    Hello i cant find my phone is there a way i can use a little phone that i have

  14. Sonya Mireles

    I lost my my phone I need a replaceme t can y’all help me

  15. Laurie Fegal witzberger

    Someone in another state got a qlinkwireless phone using my ID after I moved to Pa. for a year I have not been able to get service because they fraudulently obtained a phone in my name. You refuse to cut that phone off and continue to provide them with service in my name.
    I received a message telling me you can’t get ahold of me. Duh I don’t have the phone you tried to call on. You refuse to issue me a phone even though I have revised you with proof . But you are asking them to recertify.
    Why? Shut the phone off and issue me the service like I have asked for over a year

  16. Laurie Fegal witzberger

    Qlink you asked me in an email to call you and gave me the number because you have questions. I tried to call that number over and over and can not get a human
    What am I supposed to do

  17. Cindy Taylor.

    Betty, I’ve got the same problem. My phone will not download. Every month I use my data up trying fix it and then no data, in about a week. I paid for a upgrade. I got the same phone. Found out it wasn’t the phone. I thought I was the only one. Good luck to you.

  18. Doris Wetzel

    I sent my flip phone back & asked for a smart phone a month a go. Where is the phone? My phone nuumbdr is 1-918-360-8407…my adress is Vian Nursing Centyer, Vian OK. 74962

  19. Doris Wetzel

    I sent my flip phone back to you have not recieded a smart for phone as I asked. It’s been over a month. Where is the t he smart phone

  20. Donna Schramm

    My phone is also a zte it has taken me 24 minutes to type this much ? of this message everything is BEYOND slow & that is if it dose do anything. And it has been this way since I got it. I do not have the money to buy a new one I don’t have $25 left after I pay my bills . so I am stuck with a broken phone.

  21. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi, Betty. It seems like your phone is broken. Call your provider to find out how to get a new phone and if there is a replacement fee.

  22. betty jo sosh

    i have had this ZTE phonesince I signed up for q link i don;t know if something is wrong with the services I am not getting my messages and I am not able to answer the phone it will not slide i need a new phone but I want the same number which is 270 485 5550

  23. James. Valentine

    I just bought a LG lucky. And was wanting to switch my qlink phone service to any ideas how I would do that

  24. Jamie Olivares

    My phone got stolen can u please disconnect number 9792576012 thank u..

  25. Ronny D Wolfe

    I need to put my Qlink services on my new phone. (765) 2439533

    I want to keep my number.

  26. Ronny D Wolfe

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J3. How do I keep my number (7652439533) for Qlink, and transfer my Qlink services to this phone?

  27. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Anthony. You have the option of purchasing a bigger and better phone. Contact you provider to make sure it is compatible with their service.

  28. Sharon Roach

    I have a hard time seeing the keypad on my free phone can I upgrade to a bigger phone have a bigger phone.
    Thank you

  29. Tom sudlesky

    I would like a newer phone my number is 5707660617:

  30. Anthony Goode

    Phone​ to small n reception is awful

  31. carol Hammond

    i would like to upgrade my phone and need to know what all is involved and what fees. my cell number is 812-760-6665. Thank you

  32. Esther White

    Are you going to respond to my question, cause I just wanted a newer model phone I will pay for the phone if my data stays free every month.

  33. Esther White

    I received a ZTE from you and now you say that I am not in your system, I have the phone to prove it. I would like to upgrade or exchange my ZTE for a newer model phone.

  34. Gordon Cammack

    I ajve aboost2 mkbile lhone thay i dont use.its an lgk3 is there anyway i csn activate this phone. So i dont have to lay 2t for a smart phone

  35. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Aundre. Phone providers send what is available at the time. Perhaps they didn’t have a ZTE available. Contact your Provider to find out if it can be exchanged.

  36. Aundre Bomar Jr

    I have a Alcatel one touch and a huawei but I lost the ZTE phone y’all sent me originally can I swap to one of the two I mentioned at the top

  37. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi, Pam. The phone company sends what phones are available at the time. If you do not like they phone, you do have the option of purchasing a cell phone you prefer.

  38. Pamela Ward

    Want to return this phone need ram num I don’t like this phone at all takes way to long to Dow load anything won’t let you play games I guess that’s why it’d called a smart phone

  39. Shah

    I apply for the phone they give me enrollment I’d #101585450 but didn’t give me the phone.he said you will get I the mail my mail address is 3631 deep harbor ct San Jose California 95111 . Please mail to this address

  40. Christina patti

    Can I switch my number to a different phone. Its a ZTE

  41. Brenda johnson

    Where in Grand Rapids,Michigan can I purchase a qlink phone card.

  42. Free Government Phones Post author

    ROnald, please contact your provider to find out how much it costs for a replacement phone. If this is the first incident, is may be free.

  43. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi, Rosalie. Sorry you lost your phone. Heads up, never post your phone number and address online. We are not connected with Lifeline. Please call your cell phone provider for a new phone.

  44. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Rosalie. You have to call your phone provider for a replacement phone. Don’t forget to find out the fee for a new phone.

  45. Rosalie gibson

    Need a replacement.I was not wanting a up grade at this time just are placement .
    Thank you Rosalie gibson

  46. RonaldE E Provost

    My phone fell and shattered. How do I get a new one??

  47. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Garry. When you lose your phone the first thing you want to do is contact you cell phone provider. Depending on the provider they and the length of time you had the phone you will get a free replacement or have to pay a small fee.

  48. Gary Hedger

    My phone was stolen i need to find out what to do about it

  49. Robert Jenkins

    Does Wal-Mart sell refill cards?

  50. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hi Judy. Most free government phone give up to 500 minutes each month. They are actually emergency phone, not really for chatting hours with friends and families. If you talk on your phone more than you alloted time, you will have to purchase more time. Consider getting service from a company like Cricket for cheaper fees.

  51. judy

    I’m going to cancel my Qlink they charge way to much for added minutes, They don’t get the fact we have no money that’s why it’s a free phone. They want $50 for unlimited

  52. Jodi Gregory

    How do I get internet service on my Q link phone?

  53. Joseph young

    Yes hi i have a htc smartphone and i was wondering if i can purchase a plan where i will get internet

  54. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Mary Ann, please contact you phone provider for that answer. Each provider has different prices, and you did not mention who you have service with.

  55. james dotson

    I have a very small qlink ‘old model Samsung’–I’m 81 with poor eye site—-I want to upgrade to a Smartphone
    with a larger screen and more features. Please advise—-(281)300-4808.

  56. Daniel Haywood

    The phone you sent the battery is dead. I also keep getting a error 67 every 20 seconds. I need a replacement battery asap.

  57. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Evelyn, please go to the website of the phone company you have your service with. There they will let you know if you can upgrade and how much it will cost. Upgrading to a newer model is not free.

  58. evelyn phillips

    Would like to upgrade with no fees if I can I’m really on a tight budget right now don’t care what it looks like

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