Free Government Smartphones

Free Government Smartphones.  The best free government cell phone is a Smartphone or Android.  Everyone uses them.  We have gotten many questions from our readers on how to get a free government smartphone.  Standard and flip phones are on the decline as phone users want more efficient and modern phones. Today Lifeline phone providers are making free smartphones accessible when upgrading your service. Assurance Wireless, however, give all users free Android phone with wireless access.

Standard and flip phones are on the decline as phone users want more efficient and modern phones. Today Lifeline phone providers are making smartphones accessible when upgrading your service.  However, Assurance Wireless gives all new customers a free Android phone with wireless access.  These subsidized phones will make it easier for those who are struggling to make ends meet, and help low-income adults who work or getting back to work to manage information more effectively.

Free Government Smartphones

Most Lifeline providers offer Smartphones as a way to give customers as a way to keep up with the growing cellular technology.  Of course, if you purchase your own phone you have more options. The Lifeline program is constantly keeping up with new technology and modes of communication. They are also, now offering low-cost and free internet services.  Companies that offer smartphones. They are not only good for making emergency calls, scheduling important appointments.

Smartphones Application are Beneficial.  They can be used to:

  • Organization of information
  • Take Photos and videos
  • Read books and magazines
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Send text messages
  • Send voice messages
  • Online banking and shopping
  • Schedule appointments and set reminders
  • Set up Business profiles (Linked In)

What is the Lifeline’s Program?

Lifeline is a government program that gives low-income adults with free phone and phone services. This service is available to consumers who qualify financially.   Lifeline is dedicated to helping low-income, elderly and disabled get affordable phone service, cheap Internet, and computers.  Lifeline also covers previously recognized reservations in Oklahoma, Alaska, and Hawaiian Homelands.  Also, disadvantaged consumers living on an Indian Tribe’s reservation, pueblo, or colonies recognized by the federal government also qualify.

Free Government Smartphones when you Upgrade

Customers that sign up for the Lifeline Assistance service will receive 250 minutes per month that they can use.  Smartphones are not a part of the sign-up package,  however, you can purchase one when you upgrade.  If you need assistance when enrolling  Lifeline’s agents can help to set up services.  There is also a list of cellular companies authorized to work with the program.  They will also show you how to qualify and apply for the program, add any extra minutes, how to upgrade and compatible phones

Cellular Companies that offer Free Smartphones

To find out how to find a compatible phone. go to the company site and look for ‘Upgrades”.  If there is no upgrade section, then call or email the company.  You can purchase the phone from the provider, or at a provider’s store.  Walmart, Best Buy, Target and just about anywhere they sell telecommunications products. Make sure it works well with your service.

Qualifying for a Phone is Easy

You may qualify for a free government Smartphones, if you qualify financially or if you receive assistance from a government aid program, such as SNAP, SSI, Section 8, SSI, TANF, Work First, LIHEAP, etc. When you apply, proof of income is required.  If you are eligible for a phone you can receive 350 or more free talk and text minutes. Like other free phone programs, you will receive free text messaging, voice mail and call waiting, an ability to add minutes, call 911 and 211.

172 thoughts on “Free Government Smartphones

  1. Lalia

    My phone doesn’t have the capabilities that other phones have can I use qlinkservices. With a iPhone or Samsung

  2. Nikki Shumsky

    I have had my phone for several years and its ringer is no longer loud and i miss calls. It is up all the way it can go. Can i get a new phone and how do i do that as there is no # to call on this

  3. Sandy Soto

    i want to see how could i do to peplaces my phone i lost it the # is 2105316942

  4. Mona Lisa Lambert

    Can I upgrade my ZTE phone to a longer Large screen phone

  5. Mona Lisa Lambert

    I don’t have a debt or even a credit card ,I only can send payment in a money order,is there any way I can upgrade my little Free ZTE mobile phone to a larger and bigger mobile phone.

  6. Annie Sargent

    Can I upgrade the free government safelink phone I have now for a free government smart phone?

  7. Annie Sargent

    can I upgrade the safelink phone I have now to a free government phone?

  8. Cynthia

    Can you use your another phone through Q-link that’s not a smart phone but a flip phone.

  9. Free Government Phones Post author

    Amanda, if you know who your provider is and would like a new phone request a replacement, or that that phone number be deactivated.

  10. Free Government Phones Post author

    Contact your provider to find out what is compatible. If you are already receiving service from a Lifeline provider, you will have to purchase a new phone.

  11. Laura

    Can I upgrade my government phone to s smart one

  12. Ronda Abbott

    I lost my cell phone I am tryin to get it switched over to another phone it a traphine can’t get hold of anybody so I need to speak to someone asap

  13. Samuel Williams

    I lost my Government Smartphone and decide to use the tracking system >It appear that the phone is in the State of Maryland and my home is in the District of Columbia.The tracking Company want me to paid One Dollar for their assistingbut I am afraid that it may be more.
    Please contact me as what to do?

  14. Amanda Green

    I have not had a phone with y’all in a while and it’s still showing I do a 205239 number

  15. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Virginia. It is important to make sure you only have one cell phone at a time from one provider. If you keep applying for phones from other providers this is considered fraud and not allowed. You can be banned from the free phone program. You must first cancel your service with your first company before you go to another Lifeline provider.

  16. Taylor

    My phone just stop working and i cant purchase another phone . thats the point of me havjng a free phone how can i get another one for free.

  17. Donita Durgan

    I have a plan through qlink was wondering if my number and plan can be switched over to my at&t htc phone???

  18. Virginia T Lawton

    I was given a Safe Link phone many years ago, It is a Samsung cellphone with a keyboard only. When I walked by a human resource office a couple of months ago, they were on the sidewalk giving away the smartphones, It was Assurance. I took one and was approved. However, I found it very hard to use, So I stopped using it. I am used to hitting hard on keys and not using touch pads, Trying to dial a number on their touch pad was impossible.

    I then shortly after called my Safe link program to ask if I could update my phone, they told me I am no longer able to receive any phones and my added minutes were stopped, I only have about 15 more left. I am saving them to use only if I need 911 before being approved for another phone.

    I then called QLink. That was the beginning of April. I sent, by mail, my proof of income and ID. I am on SSDI, foodstamps and medicaid.

    I got a email saying they received my documents and I was approved,. I have been waiting and continually sending emails asking where the phone is. When you apply online you can check your status. When I check, I continually get You only get a notice saying that “Your order is pending” and/or We are awaiting your proof of documentation. I cannot call them because you only get that recorded message I just sent an email telling them if I don’t hear from them soon, I will go to another lifeline phone service. Is there anything you can do to help me find out what is going on?

  19. Valerie DeLong

    Hello I was wondering if I can upgrade my phone. I’ve had it for about 8 months and it’s got some battery overheating issues. Al at o the screen will freeze and I have to take battery out. Please send me info on getting a newer one. Thanks

  20. patricia allender

    i would like an upgraded phone please send information

  21. Free Government Phones Post author

    Anazo, please contact Safelink to let them know your phone was stolen and request a replacement phone. Perhaps have them send the phone to another address where the phone won’t be stolen from your mailbox.

  22. Anazo Landry

    I haven’t got chance to received my Safelink Smartphone when I discovered trhough the SafeLink agent that the phone was mailed or dropped to my mailbox on the 12-17-2016….Unfortunately i never got a chance to retrieve the phone to my mailbox box someone stolen….The SafeLink agent provided me the stolen phone number(504-408-5497) which did place a call hoping that the perpetrator makes a right moral decision but unfortunately the call went direct to a voice mail….So from that instant i report stolen phone to SafeLink.
    I truly need a phone and it urgent for my needs especially when i am on the hunt for work.
    Please your immediate action would be highly appreciate.

    Thank you.

  23. Teri Ellis

    I have a problem operating this small phone. Is a smartphone available?

  24. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi, Marty. Yes, you have to use the phone at least once a month to continue to receive phone service. You have to register again. Contact you new provider to find out which phones are best for remote areas.

  25. Free Government Phones Post author

    Linn, I don’t know how long it will take to process your order for your upgrade. Please call Qlink Wireless to make sure they received your check and when you can expect your phone.

  26. Free Government Phones Post author

    Tanya, please contact your phone provider to find out, if they have smartphones for sale or what phone are compatible with their service.

  27. Katrina Leamons

    I am in need of assistance. I have a cell phone through Qlink but my phone went through a fire. Our home caught fire on Easter weekend. How can I obtain another phone? I am already in your system that I have received one. I only remember the area code and last four digits of the number. I had a flip phone which was nice but a bit difficult for me to use or see. Am I able to get a replacement?

  28. Tanya Smith

    How can I upgrade to a free government smartphone

  29. Debra Ohrazda

    I’m in need of a smart phone I have none Thank you

  30. nancy caron

    I got a letter to upgrade my Safelink phone but could not reach you. I want to upgrade mine.please let me know. Nancy

  31. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Latrice. If you would like to upgrade your phone, go to the website of your provider to see what phones they have for upgrades. You will have to pay for the new phone.

  32. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Ms. Clark. I agree the phones are tiny, but also remember they are free and you get what you pay for, which is $0. If you are unhappy with your phone, you are free to purchase a bigger, better cell phone that is compatible with your FREE service.

  33. ms clark

    there are free phone companies, that if you are a long time customer with a free phone, you are able to get a upgraded phone for “free”.this should be done with all the free phone companies, because how can one company do it and others can’t? these people need an upgraded phone,especially because those little candy bar phones are hard to see, hard to handle, hard to find, you almost forget you have one, hard to dial etc. “Give us an upgraded phone”, yes we need charity cause we don’t have the money, and those teeny phones stink! and yes beggars can be choosey especially old ones, who are responsible for generations existing. DO NOT ANSWER ME NICELY WITH BULLS##@@**** just say you will find a way in the near future to make this happen. Also don’t tell me to seek those companies that do that , because I am not with their company,but another, I found this out because they just started posting it. If there’s anything can be done/ appreciate it. thanks

  34. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Donna. Go to the Tracfone website to see what they have available. As stated in the article you must purchase the new phone.

  35. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Monica. Thanks for your question. Contact your provider to get your phone replaced. Find out how much it will cost for a smartphone.

  36. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Tiffany. If you want to upgrade go to your provider site and see what is available and purchase one. You can also purchase a smartphone anywhere they are sold.

  37. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Nora. Thanks for your question. Free phone providers do not trade in phones. If you desire to upgrade your phone to a smartphone, go to your provider website and purchase one. You can also purchase another phone elsewhere, but make sure it is compatible with your service.

  38. Nora Newman

    I already have an old phone I want to upgrade it to smart phone but dont have the 25 dollars I would trade this phone for that tho is that possible. Thanks

  39. Tiffany N Ramos

    Can I upgrade too a free smartphone

  40. monica wilson

    I need a new phone mine broke and it’s the only one I have I would really love a smart phone but I will take anything

  41. Marty

    I once had ‘the’ phone. I was eventually cut off as I didn’t use the phone enough to use up my ‘free’ minutes. Mostly because I live in a remote area that had poor to no signals. So I would get email and occasional phone messages saying I wasn’t using the phone enough. I applied to another program, other than Lifeline hoping to get a better phone. No such luck, it was just as bad. Back then there was no recourse to get a better connecting phone. Has this connectivity issue been improved?

  42. Donna Bragdon

    How can i get a smart phone? I already have a safelink phone just want to upgrade.

  43. Lovely luke

    I would love to have one of these free opportunities of a life time gift. This is beautiful!!!

  44. latrice Powell

    I would like to exchange or upgrade my phone to a smart phone

  45. Nanettev

    What kind of smartphone or Android phone can I use with safelink

  46. Sandy mccormick

    I would like a goverment smart phone

  47. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello Patricia. You should have received an email that you have been approved. I would call the company to make sure everything is OK.

  48. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi Linn. Don’t forget we just had a three day holiday. It takes up to 10 business days for you to get you phone. Give it 2 weeks and then call the provider.

  49. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi, Ruth. I always advise people to write all that down when they first get their phone. If you remember who you cell phone provider is they should be able to locate the information for you.

  50. josie

    Can I get on free phone I’m under foodstamp

  51. Ruth

    How do I get to my account information. I lost contact info.

  52. Linn Hough

    when will I get my new cellphonr I gave a check for 25:00 Last Friday.u

  53. patricia Wooten

    I have applied for the free smartphone, it’s been probably a week haven’t received email about it . l am on medicaid

  54. Linn Hough


  55. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello Karen. What is the name of your cell phone provider? Contact them and they should be able to find you from your personal information.

  56. Donald Verba

    Your website keeps telling me that my address is not valid. Check with mapquest.. It is a valid address.

  57. Karen Smiley

    I had a phone lost it and don’t remember the phone number so I can’t get another phone sent to me what can I do to receive another phone

  58. Emily Fox

    How do I upgrade my old version of my phone to a smartphone and keep the same number?

  59. Sandra G Coleman

    Can I upgrade my safe link phone to a smartphone thru safelink

  60. Melinda Mitchum

    How do I get one I get ssi and food stamps and on med.

  61. Donna J Gaines

    I’m on Medicaid and receive SNAP benefits…would I be eligible for a phone.

  62. Carol Chase

    I applied for safelink in Mar, 8, 2016, my account number is 26073112 I have sent proof twice by mail and sent a email twice April 24, 2016. I have called twice. What is taking so long to get one of your goverment smart phones?

  63. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Sherry. You may be eligible. I will depend on who else living with you. Eligibility is determined by gross family income. Anyone living with you is a part of your household. Read more

  64. Sherry Knight

    I’m on disability, how can I get a phone ?

  65. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi Linn, if you are not happy with your service you are free to cancel your QLINK service and go back to SafeLink Wireles. How to Change Providers

  66. Linda l stewart

    I want a government phone I get ssi and soc sec from my mom

  67. Linn Hough

    I have QLinkWireless and I told them my cellphone quit working I canot use it so How can I make calls if the company willnot call you back I wish I never lelf t safelin

  68. Norma Manns

    How can I apply for a smart phone

  69. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello, Edna. If you lost a phone a while ago. You have probably already had your service cancelled. Contact your provider to see if you have to recertify and submit a new application for service.

  70. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Crystal. Go to the site of the provider you have service with. Many sell phones online. If not find out which phones are compatible with your service.

  71. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hi, Nancy. You did not say who you have you phone service with, but you can always purchase a new phone that suits your needs. Contact your provider to see which phone are compatible.

  72. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Billie. In short, no. “In all states, Cricket has stopped accepting new Lifeline applications. All existing customers that have been approved for Lifeline will retain their Lifeline discount until they disconnect their phone number from Cricket Wireless CDMA service or until the CDMA network upgrade is complete.”

  73. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello, Billie. Cricket now longer give Lifeline discounts. If you already have a discount under their old phone line you can keep it until all phone lines are upgraded.

    “In all states, Cricket has stopped accepting new Lifeline applications. All existing customers that have been approved for Lifeline will retain their Lifeline discount until they disconnect their phone number from Cricket Wireless CDMA service or until the CDMA network upgrade is complete.”

  74. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Nichole. Please contact Safelink Wireless to find out which smartphones are compatible with their service. Then you can purchase the phone of your choice and transfer your service to the new phone.

  75. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Shannon, contact your cell phone provider to request a new phone. If they want you to send it back they will let you know and give you the proper address.


    How can I send this phone back? It does not work and I only had it two weeks

  77. Nichole

    I have safelink. And have been looking for a smart phone. Would I still be able to able to get a smart phone with safe link….. or would I have to sign up for another plan to get it. I know I’m due for an up grade far safe link.

  78. Billie

    I have a cricket wireless htc series 625. Would this phone be eligible for free minutes?

  79. Billie

    I have a cricket wireless htc 625. Would this phone be eligible for the free minutes?

  80. Nancy Shireman

    I won’t a better phone cause the that send are to small

  81. Crystal Garcia

    How would I upgrade to a smart phone?

  82. Darnishia penn

    Hey my name is Darnishiapenn I really need the phone I’m a single mom an at home alone an know phone….

  83. Edna Medrano

    I am a safelink customer but a while back my phone was lost i reported it and i have nit had a response so inwad really interested of how to get a smartphone or what can i do with my situation.

  84. Debbie Woods

    hi i have been a safelink customer for bout 5 yrs , my question is i have a Alcatel one touch i would like to know how or if i can transfer my number and mins to this phone from my old safelink phone????

  85. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Brenda, thanks for writing. Please go to the website where you submitted you application to seek if you are approved.

  86. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Rosmary, go to your phone providers website, and type “upgrade” in the search box. It will take you to the phones they have for sale.

  87. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Shawn, If you already have Lifeline phone service, contact your phone provider or go on line to see the phone available for upgrade. You will have to pay for an upgrade.

  88. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hey Willie! If you want to apply for the free government phone, please go to this post and find a phone company in you state, go to their website to apply for a phone.

  89. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello, Debbie. I hate when that happens. Contact your company so they can shut down the phone. Different companies have different replacement policies. So, call you company to find out if the replacement is free of if you have to pay a small fee.

  90. Sharon Peele

    Why can’t we be able to change over to a smart phone I have an older version of the Obama phone

  91. Debbie Ruiz

    Hi, I had a phone from life line and it got stolen. Is there anyway I can get another phone? Thank You,Sincerely Debbie Ruiz

  92. willie covington

    I would. Like one of these so I can call

  93. helen overkamp

    I applied for this and didn’t receive a smart phone so I never activated it because I cannot see on the small one was wondering how I can get a smart phone?

  94. Margaret

    Lookin forward to receive one of those cell phone !!!!

  95. Debbie Huddleston

    I am a single mom and I need a phone

  96. Atara Black

    How do I find out who offers the upgrade phone? I already have a account and want to upgrade.

  97. Pecola Vann

    do you offer galaxy phones from your service?

  98. Brenda J Smith

    if they would give me a smartphone and unlimited text and they would give me a phone where I can take pictures that’s what I was told on the phone in the application I mailed out I’ve done sent another application because they said they couldn’t read my Medicaid

  99. Brenda J Smith

    I sent my proof off to SafeLink Monday so you should receive it no later than Monday of this week it was on the 11th when I mailed it off you should receive it on the 18th for SafeLink thank you Brenda means 2603 Hillcrest terrace Evansville Indiana thank you and you have a great blessed day



  101. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Eunice, TMobile used to be a part of the Lifeline program, by offering not free phone service, but a discount. This program has ended.

  102. Eunice Spain

    Hello Free Government Smartphone. I looking at this program can I ask you this okay I have smartphones samgung note 4. And also have service with tmoblie I try get some help bec I have new phone from tmoblie and tables. Ok I wounder do have program for tmoblie help me keep same phone n looking if have program for data and texting also email please let me know I try catch sup with my tmoblie phone service. Thank you Eunice Spain

  103. Regina

    We have a Budget Mobile and after a month it won’t boot. It is impossible to figure out if we have options with another carrier or if we used our one shot. This phone is a smart phone and had 250 data which was what attracted us as we need to access email with job hunting. There is no replacement phone other than purchase. But why purchase another bad phone when this lasted only 30 days plus week. What should we do. What is the best company with the best phone with the best plan. Why are all these sites so iffy about the facts ?

  104. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Valeria. You phone should have come with an instruction pamphlet. If not, please go online and do a Google search for a instruction for your phone model.

  105. Valerie Coleman

    i cant see how to use this ph,i through i was getting a smart ph they face is lorger and i can see the face,so i am giveing this back.thank you Valerie Coleman

  106. Asaia Alazae Hernandez

    So how do i apply for this free government phone?

  107. Pamela Zito

    Hello to another Pamela: I have been trying to get an upgrade all day from my Assurance Wireless phone account and I would LOVE to have an updated phone, but they do not have much of a choice and what those choices are pretty limited with usually two stars out of five. I am considering changing my service to one (I had no idea that there were so many Government sites to choose from!) so I could purchase a Smart Phone for a reasonable price. What is your opinion about this? Thanks so much and I am so glad I happened upon your website! Pamela Zito

  108. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Heather, the phone vary from provider to provider. Also, you don’t have a choice for your initial phone. If you don’t like the phone your receive, you have the option to purchase another one. Contact your provider.

  109. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Tim and upgrade is when you change your phone or service features. Please contact whoever you choose for you cell phone service for a list of smartphone they have available. You will have to purchase a smartphone from them or any manufacturer that is compatible with your phone service.

  110. Tim

    Well don’t have a provider yet terra com was getting Samsung phones in Friday first time on food stamps so don’t know bout what I will be getting or I don’t understand what u mean by upgrade

  111. Tim

    Just wondering what kinda smartphone can I get right now I get food stamps

  112. Frances Moore

    I have a question about my phone I have a smartphone that I purchased from Metro PCS and it is a Samsung my question is can I get a sim card and use it instead of the flip phone that you sent me. I have a problem trying to text on the flip phone but not on the smartphone is this possible to be able to use the smartphone. Thank you Frances Moore.

  113. timothy

    I just want one that can access the web

  114. glenmarys

    what type of smart phone do we get is it an iPhone or a android

  115. P. Lipscomb Post author

    Great! Go back to the article and contact the companies listed. Good luck

  116. Antoine Harris

    I would like to work and enroll customers in the new government program that provides them with free smartphones

  117. P. Lipscomb Post author

    Annette, please contact the phone company that you have your service with. You can send the cord back and wait for a replacement, or purchase another cord. It is up to you.

  118. annette day

    I receiveda new phone and thisphone also wont charge ..i will switch if i have to pay again for a lousy phone….Annette Day
    Need new working phone

  119. Kristina

    Is there a data limit with the smart phones? How does the internet work? Is it off minutes or…?

  120. Clarice Williams

    Do the phones have data on them.Reachout why you does services Grace, MS area?

  121. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Ronald. You sound pretty frustrated. Unfortunately, we have no affiliation with Reachout Wireless. This site is a resources for those looking for further information about the Lifeline program. Please contact Reachout’s customer service for help. Do not purchase any phone unless you go online to confirm it has the features you desire. Good luck!

  122. ronald timmons

    I ask reachout representative if I can buy a upgraded phone with a hotspot capability, your co. sent me a LG-VS410PP and this phone has no hotspot capability,so I tried calling your co. and your representatives keep hanging up the phone,I consider this to be very poor business on your part and I am now contacting the Better Business Bur. so they will know of your scam to the american public.I hope your co. looses its contract with our Government.

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