Add Minutes To A Safelink TracFone

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How to Add Minutes to TRACFONE.   You must add minutes to your Lifeline phone if you use the phone a lot.  You can always call the company, and a customer service representative will walk you through the process.

Purchase TracFone cards from Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Target, CVS, or any store selling phones or phone accessories.  When buying airtime from Tracfone, you can buy minutes, such as 30 minutes for 30 days up to several hundred minutes, with a deadline to use within a year.

Purchasing Safelink Minutes

When buying airtime from Tracfone, you can add minutes, such as 30 minutes for 30 days up to several hundred minutes, with a deadline to use within a year.  Once you choose the card, enter your phone or serial numbers.

Once you have purchased a  card, you can buy more minutes on your phone or online.  You will be glad to know that with each passing year, providers offer more promotions and give more talk and text minutes.

Yet, there still may come a time when you run out of minutes. Share the new advertisement below with your friends and family who may need a free phone.

How to Access Your Monthly Minutes

  1. As of September 2021, if you own a Safelink TracFone and require additional minutes.  As of September 2021, if you own a Safelink TracFone and require additional minutes,
  2. Purchase Airtime: Buy a TracFone airtime card from a retail store or online. Safelink-compatible airtime cards typically range from a certain number of minutes with a specific validity period.
  3. Locate PIN: After buying an airtime card, scratch off the gray strip on the back to reveal the PIN.

Now Add Minutes

  1. Adding Minutes from your Phone: a. Go to the “Prepaid” menu on your phone. b. Select “Add Airtime” or “Redeem.” c. Enter the PIN from the card when prompted.
  2. Adding Minutes Online: a. Go to the TracFone website. b. Navigate to the “Add Airtime” section. c. Enter your phone number or serial number. d. Follow the prompts and, when asked, enter the PIN from your airtime card.
  3. Using the TracFone App: If you have the TracFone My Account app installed on your smartphone, you can use it to add minutes. a. Open the app. b. Navigate to the “Add Airtime” section. c. Enter the PIN from the airtime card.
  4. Calling Customer Service: To add minutes, you can also call Safelink TracFone customer service. Make sure to have your phone and airtime PIN ready. a. Dial 1-800-378-1684 or the customer service number specific to Safelink. b. Follow the automated prompts or speak to a representative to add airtime.
  5. Bonus Codes: Sometimes, TracFone has promotional codes that give you extra minutes when adding airtime. If you have a promo code, you’ll typically have the option to enter it when adding airtime on your phone or online.

After adding minutes, double-check your balance to ensure the minutes go to your account.

Remember that these are general guidelines, and the exact procedure may vary depending on your specific phone model and any updates or changes made by Safelink TracFone after 2021.  

New Safelink Wireless Promotions

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Additionally, by signing up to receive special offers from Safelink Wireless, customers can enjoy extra savings on their entire purchase. This sign-up benefit is available through a different coupon provided by Safelink Wireless.

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Adding minutes to a Safelink TracFone is a straightforward process to ensure you stay connected without hassle. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Purchase a TracFone Airtime Card: You can buy these cards at various retail stores or online. These cards come in different denominations, allowing you to choose how many minutes you want to add.
  2. Visit the TracFone Website: Go to the TracFone website and navigate to the “Add Airtime” section. This section is typically easy to find on the homepage.
  3. Enter Your TracFone Number: You’ll be prompted to enter your TracFone phone number. This step ensures that the minutes you add go to the correct phone.
  4. Enter the Airtime PIN: The Airtime Card you purchased has a PIN. Scratch off the silver area on the card to reveal the PIN, and enter this into the designated field on the website.
  5. Confirm the Transaction: After entering the PIN, confirm your transaction. Your minutes should appear on your phone shortly after this.
  6. Adding Minutes via Phone: You can add minutes directly from your TracFone. Go to your phone’s “Prepaid” menu, select “Add Airtime,” and then enter the Airtime PIN from your purchased card.

The TracFone App

  1. Using the TracFone App: If you have a smartphone, you can use the TracFone app to add minutes. This method is similar to the website – you must enter your phone number and the Airtime PIN.
  2. Customer Service: If you encounter any issues or prefer human assistance, you can call TracFone’s customer service for help in adding minutes to your phone.
  3. Automatic Refill Option: Consider setting up an automatic refill for convenience. This way, your phone will automatically receive a set amount of minutes at regular intervals, such as monthly.
  4. Checking Your Balance: After adding minutes, it’s always a good idea to check your balance to ensure the transaction was successful. You can do this through the TracFone app, website, or your phone’s “Prepaid” menu.

About Availability

Remember, the availability of minutes and the process may vary slightly depending on your specific Safelink TracFone model and the current service offerings. Visiting the Safelink Wireless or TracFone website is recommended for the most accurate and updated information.

Safelink Offers Three Plans

Unlimited free monthly minutes. The plans offer local and national long-distance and nationwide unlimited text messages, free roaming, free 911, 411, Voice mail with call waiting and caller ID, carry-over minutes with the 68-minute plans, and 100 international long distances.  With unlimited talk, text, and data plans, there are no carry-over minutes unless you buy more airtime.

SafeLink Wireless – Change your phone plan here

Customer Service – 1-800-378-1684

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