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By | February 10, 2012

We want to tell you how to add minutes to your phone.  ReachOut Wireless is working with Lifeline to provide free cellular service to the residents of Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland and Missouri.  This company is one of the top wireless providers working with Lifeline.  The most well know providers are , Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless or Reachout Wireless; but there presence in the state is much appreciated in these areas.  You may qualify for a phone if, your income is or at below 135% of federal poverty level and you are receiving government assistance.

How to Add Minutes

If you have used your allotted ReachOut Minutes, you can purchase Refill Minutes.  There is no time limit on these minutes, and the will not expire, ever!  Unused minutes will continue to roll over each month, until they are used.

How to Purchase Air Time

Go the the provider website to purchase and add minutes .  You have the option of buying 20 to 1,000 additional minutes.  When you have purchased air time, you can add minutes by entering a PIN.  You have up to one year to activate the card and add time to your phone.

Add Minutes with Emida

You can purchase  with Emida Prepaid Wireless network. Emida works with retailers across the country to offer additional minutes for ReachOut customers. You can find Emida network  on the ReachOut site. After purchased, enter enter the PIN on the receipt into your phone.

Add Minutes with Western Union    You can also buy extra minutes at any Western Union Agent location.   You can find Western Union locations at supermarkets, Wal-Mart stores and check cashing stores. When minutes are purchased at Western Union, like MoneyGram they are added to your account at time of purchase.

Add Minutes with MoneyGram

You may purchase extra minutes with at any MoneyGram location.  Minutes purchased here are added to your account immediately. There are thousands of agents nationwide, including supermarkets, Walmart and CVS drug located in most communities.   Cool right?

“Additional text messaging and minutes can be purchased at, 14.95 for 500 minutes and 100 texts 29.95 for 1,000 minutes and text messaging.”

Referral Program

Refer others to the program, tell them to mention you name and phone number and you will receive an additional free 100 minutes for each person you refer.

 Safelink Wireless – adding airtime

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