How to Apply for Free Phone Assistance

By | November 6, 2017

Free phone assistance.   We have received many responses from people asking how to apply for free cell phone assistance by Lifeline. Yes, the information is already on our site, but we decided to show you step-by-step, how to apply for free cell phone assistance.

The Lifeline program provides help to low-income families struggling to maintain their households. They have been giving away free phone service since the 1980’s. The program initially gave discount and landline phone services and help with deposits on new phone service.

As cell phones became more popular the assistance program extended to include help with cell phone service.   Today if you qualify for the Lifeline assistance, you can receive help with either a home or a cell phone.

With a free phone, you can use the money you save to pay other important bills.  You also have the peace of mind knowing you can contact others for personal or professional purposes.  Some companies even offer smartphones.  So if you need a little help, keep reading.

Apply for Free Phone Assistance

Go to your provider website and look for the words “Apply” to fill out an application.   This application form will require personal information like:

  • First and last name
  • Give your Address
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Why your qualify (SNAP, TANF, SSI, WIC, Medicaid, Free Lunch Program, etc.)
  • The last 4 numbers of your social security number

First Choose your Phone Company

First, find out how to get free phone assistance in your state. Each state has several free government phone providers. You may also want to do a little research to find out what others have to say about the company you choose.  Google the phone company you choose and look for a review.  All free phone providers are not the same.

You want to choose someone who has good customer service and gives you the ability to upgrade your phone or service plan.  Once you pick your phone provider, go to their website to apply.   If you are eligible, you will be notified by phone, email or letter.

If you receive aid from a government program, you must provide proof of participation.  Proof of eligibility is necessary to prevent fraud and waste.  Fraud on the side of provider and consumer puts the program in danger.

Qualifying Financially for Free Cell Phone Assurance

If you apply for free cell phone assistance and do not receive government assistance, you must qualify financially.  If you are applying based on your household’s income, you must be at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.  Types of documents they accept:

  • A current Federal Tax Return
  • Social Security benefits letter
  • A recent copy of your W-2 forms
  • Veterans Administration benefits letter
  • Child Support documents
  • A letter from Unemployment/Workman’s Compensation
  • A payroll statement or current check stubs from your job

What Next?

After you have submitted your application, they will process, verify your documentation and notify you when you have been approved.   Keep in mind only one Lifeline phone is allowed for each household. You will be denied if they discover, someone in the family currently has a free government phone.  If you are approved for free phone assistance, you should receive your new phone in about 10 business days.

If you phone provider is unable to verify your, they will contact you to inform you there has bee a TPIV failure.  This is not a big deal.  You will simply have to provide another type of document.  Once that is approved you can receive your phone.

Other types of acceptable documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Military discharge papers
  • Current passport
  • Driver’s license (unexpired)
  • Social Security card
  • Naturalization papers
  • Tribal Identification

Activating your phone

Find free phone assistance near you. Once you receive your phone there should be a flying explaining how to activate your phone.  If you have any problems using your new phone, call your phone provider for assistance.  If you run out of your monthly minutes, or you want to change your phone plan, your provider can help you with this as well.

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    I want to upgrade for free smartphone and having problems doing so. HELP!!!!

    1. Free Government Phones Post author

      If you want to update to a smartphone depending on the phone company you use. If your company now gives smartphones but did not when you were first signed up, you may have to purchase a smartphone. Please call you provider to find out what their policy is.

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