Cricket Wireless Discount Phone Service

You can now get Cricket Wireless discount services,  through the Lifeline Assistance Program.  Cricket is one of the companies enrolled in the  FCC mandated government program.  You may receive a discount service, on a new phone, or a  phone you already own.  Cricket Wireless is one of the major prepaid cell phone companies, in the United States.  The service consumers, who may have been unable to get a cell phone because poor credit; or do not want long contracts.  They are working with the Lifeline program, to further assist low-income residents with free and discount cell phone service.

What is a Cricket Lifeline Discount?

The Lifeline program helps struggling families by giving a discount on landline phones.  The program expanded to include cell phones until the 90s.  Now the program is in 28 states, and may later include other states.  Cricket  Wireless, was one of the first cellular companies to offer pay-as-you-go cell phone service, for those who do not want a longer-term contract.

You have to purchase your own phone, but,  like other mobile providers, they are participating with  Lifeline assistance to help low-income residents receive more affordable phone service to those who need it and qualify.   If you qualify, by participating in one of the many government assistance programs, you may be eligible for a Lifeline credit from $10 to $35.

How to Apply

Fill out an application to apply for the credit discount service.  Once they verify your information, they will add a Lifeline credit to your account.  It will take one to two months to see the credit.  You can download an application or go to any full-service store to apply.  You will have to renew your eligibility yearly.

How to Qualify

To be eligible for discount service, you must live in a state, where Cricket,  participates in the Lifeline program.  You must also meet government income eligibility standards.  To apply for Lifeline, you must go to a Cricket Wireless all-service store.  If your total family income is 135% of the  Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2012, or if you are receiving assistance from a government agency. (see poverty guidelines)

What Documentation do I Need?

Because of previous abuses of the Lifeline program, you must provide three current payroll stubs, proof of income, such as tax returns or W-2 forms and have an approved identification with photo.  Click to see participating states.

  • You are a resident of the state you are applying in
  • The Lifeline discount can only apply to one phone
  • You are the head of the household to apply
  • You must provide proof of eligibility
  • The name on the account must match the documents presented for eligibility

What are Program Restrictions?

Only one Lifeline phone per household, you must be the head of the family, and you are only allowed one lifeline credit per family.

Cricket Wireless Find Out More
Customer Service – 800-274-2538

States Cricket Wireless covers:

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas , Utah, Virginia, Washington DC,  Washington State, Wisconsin

UPDATE:  Cricket Wireless has recently been acquired by AT&T, and will be upgrading its CDMA network to a quicker, and more efficient 4G GSM.  Once the transfer is complete, CDMA phones providing Lifeline service, will not work on the new wireless network.

Existing Cricket Wireless customers who switch to the new 4G service, will not continue to receive a Lifeline discount. They expect to stop offering CDMA wireless service as soon as March 2015.  Network upgrades will vary from state to state.  Lifeline assistance on the new network is yet to be determined.

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