Reachout Wireless Minutes – Adding Airtime

We want to tell you how to add  ReachOut Wireless minutes to your cell phone.   If you use Reachout Wireless, you need to know how to add minutes to your phone.  We have had many ask how and where to buy minutes for their phones.  You want to know how to quickly and easily purchase air time.

Reachout Wireless

This company is one of the companies working with the  Lifeline Assistance program to offer free and affordable phone service to the residents of Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland, and Missouri.  This company is one of the top Lifeline phone providers, helping low-income residents with free and discount phones and service.  They also benefit from millions of new consumers and income for the company.

Providers are paid $9.95 each month for each person participating in the government program.  They also benefit when customers purchase of airtime and upgraded plans or purchase cellular phones and services.  There is nothing more frustrating than, having a hard time purchasing or adding time to your prepaid or subsidized government phone.  If you are having difficulties contact customer service for help.  Here are the different ways you can buy additional time.

How to Add Reachout Wireless Minutes to your Phone

If you have used your allotted time, you can purchase as much airtime as you need.   There is no time limit on these additional time, and unlike many other providers, will not expire, ever!  If you do not use your allotted minutes any unused time will continue to roll over each month until they expire. Many other providers do not offer this feature and if you do not use your allotted time, you will lose those minutes.

How to Buy Air Time

To add Reachout Wireless minutes, go to the provider website to purchase and add minutes.  You have the option of buying 20 to 1,000 additional minutes.  When you have purchased air time, you can add time by entering a PIN.  You have up to one year to activate the card and add time.

Add Minutes with Emida

Emida is one of the Prepaid networks you can use to purchase air time.   Working with retailers across the country, they are another way to purchase additional air time, online.   Once your purchase is made, hit enter the PIN located on your physical receipt.

Add Minutes Using MoneyGram and Western Union

You may purchase extra minutes with at any MoneyGram location.  Minutes purchased appear on your account immediately. There are thousands of agents nationwide, including supermarkets, Wal-Mart, and CVS drug stores, which are in most communities.  I don’t find this method very efficient, but this is one of the features available to users.  The one benefit is that the minutes are loaded on your phone immediately.

“Additional text messaging and minutes cost, 14.95  for 500 minutes and 100 texts 29.95 for 1,000 minutes and text messaging.”

Referral Program – Refer others to the program, tell them to mention your name and number, and you will receive an additional 100 minutes for each person you refer.  There has been some complaint about the small size of the free phones.  They also may lack some of the more popular features people enjoy.  If you would like to get a better phone, here is now to buy or upgrade your cell phone, compatible with your Reachout service.

[UPDATE:  Reachout Wireless is no longer a part of the government’s free phone service program.  They cannot be reached by phone or website.  If you have Reachout Wireless Service, please choose a new provider from this list.

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