Are Smartphones & Mobile Devices Bad for Children?

Smart phones are not only a business tool for adults and entertainers. They are a handy teaching tool for our children. While older children used them to do everything from playing games to school reach, children under five and up use them to learn their letters, colors and watch kid’s videos.  Today, parents have a greater control what small children watch, as the appropriate programming for the little ones.

It is a new age of study, and preschool-age children even know ow to use smart phones.  Young children need to be nurtured and have loving interaction with parents rather than a screen. There is a concern they might be losing vocabulary or face to face connection and healthy attachment with parents.

Babies and Smart Phones and Mobil Devices

An MSNBC report stated that 97% of parents surveyed said, their child under 2 years of age had their own mobile device. This is an untested area and psychologist are concerned about the neurological results, of children using smart phones or other devices.  Digital literacy is the key to competing in education and the work force. Dr. Matilde Irigoyen, at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, chair of pediatrics and adolescent medicine agrees, that having access to these devices is necessary for children to gain knowledge of how to use and benefit from this technology.

Smart Phones and Class Distractions

A report by Duncan, Douglas K.; Hoekstra, Angel R.; Wilcox, Bethany R. in, “Digital Devices, Distraction, and Student Performance: Does In-Class Cell Phone Use Reduce Learning?” stated… The recent increase Data were gathered in eight introductory science courses at a major university. Results show a significant negative correlation between in-class phone use and final grades, with use of cell phones corresponding to a drop of 0.36 plus or minus 0.08 on a 4-point scale where 4.0 = A. (Read More)

There was also a much-publicized news report where a young Oklahoma High School student refused to put away a cell phone leading to an altercation and ultimate assault by a Resource Officer.  Understandably it is the school’s responsibility to established the regulation of cell phone use in the classroom.

Technology and Moderation

Too much of a good thing can be a problem. Just like television was the babysitter in the 50s and up; smart phones tablets and other mobile devices are turning into the babysitters of today. Today, a parent may give a cell phone to quite a fussy child in a car; or an iPad and tell them “go play”.

It can be a problem when parents replace parental interaction with tablets and other mobile devices. This should not replace bed-time story telling and listening to children say their prayers. The other issue is the problem with over stimulation and the inability to fall asleep.  Of course, it is important to limit a child’s use of smart phones and other mobile devices.

Discount Computers and Internet

In the past, there was a great technical divide between higher and lower income communities. Today studies show; that gap is beginning to shrink, especially with the free government cell program extending to discount Internet and computers.

Connect-to-Compete, Comcast, and CenturyLink are the top companies providing affordable internet service, through the Lifeline Assistance program. They also sell refurbished computers for as low as $150.

These corporations help make technology available to low-income families with school-age children. Other leading communications companies participating in the program are Cablevision, Charter, Cox Communications, Bend Cable, Bright House Networks, Eagle Communications, GCI, Insight, Mediacom, Midcontinent, Sjoberg’s Cable and Suddenlink.

How to Receive Discount Internet for $9.99 Monthly

You qualify for discount internet and Computer if:

  • You live in the area the communications company services
  • You do not have Comcast Internet
  • You have children in the home
  • You have no overdue Comcast bills or unreturned equipment

Also in the News.  Free Government Smartphones now available when you upgrade your phone service.  There are many Lifeline phone providers offering smartphones as an option when you participate in the government phone program…

How to get The Internet for $9.99 a month – Today low income families can get discount internet and cheap internet for their family.  Now every child has to opportunity to have access to a vast resource of information through the Lifeline Assistance program.

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