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Taxpayer Funded Cell Phone Haters

Senator Bill Griffin of Arkansas introduced a bill to stop taxpayer-funded cell phones.  The bill’s purpose is to stop universal service support of cell phones through Lifeline.  This bill was also introduced in 2011, with no success. Since 2008, when under President Bush, the program has doubled, in 143 million in one year, to $38 million, and again… Read More »

Wireless for Hope – Free Cell Phones

Wireless for Hope, is a free cell phone carrier,  working with the Lifeline program, to offer affordable phone service to low-income communities .  If you unemployed, disabled, or working and qualify because your your income you can get help. The Lifeline Assistance program, with communications partners like Wireless for Hope, help low income individual and families stay connected with… Read More »

Assurance Phones

Assurance Wireless phones are helping people all over the America.  They are one of the major phone providers in the Lifeline program.  This program was established to help people like you, who may be low-income, out of work, elder or disabled. Assurance is one of the major phone companies that offer Smartphone without having to upgrade service. working with… Read More »

Reachout Wireless Phone – Free Government Cell Phones

ReachOut Wireless phone service helps low-income consumers with affordable and free phone plans.   Reach out, is  one of the top cellular providers of government cell phones.   These phones help financially disadvantaged individual and families in the U.S.  This authorized company is a great option, for your mobile and landline services.   Their plans offer a free cell  phone and… Read More »

Alabama Free Government Phone Providers

Alabama’s, free government phone providers, are growing all the time.  If you live in the state of Alabama, you will be glad to know there are   government phone providers available to help you.   Alabama has been hit hard by the financial downturn and  since the recession, there are more people needing help in the state than before. Alabama… Read More »