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By | August 8, 2018

Did you know you can upgrade your ReachOut Wireless mobile phone for as little as 15$?  Upgrade your ReachOut Wireless cell phone to get the newest models and upgrade features. Go to the ReachOut website to see the phones available.   

 Reachout, is one of the largest Lifeline providers.  They offer you the option the option to upgrade or change your  plan, anytime you decide.  Your first phone will be a very basic, and not provide the bells and whistles of more expensive models. 

The main thing is you can make an emergency call  if you have to.  Not to worry!  They have an assortment of popular products for sale.  You are sure to find one you like better.  It is good to know, you can even upgrade to a smartphone if you want.  If you lose your phone,  you will have to purchase a new one;  as they are not insurable.

When you Want to Upgrade

There are many brands compatible with your Reachout Mobile services such as Audiovox, Kyocera, LG, Samsung and Motorola.  Once you choose a one,  it will be factory tested,  and sent your home via USPS.  You will keep your original number and any minutes that remained.   Some plans come with bonus minutes, depending on the model.  Contact them to get help with your selection.

The exchange policy allows a full refund or exchange within 14 days of purchase, and exchanges within 30 days.  Find out how to qualify!  If you receive the wrong product or if it does not work or is damaged, contact the company at 877-870-9444 for make arrangement for a suitable replacement.  Closeout sales are as is and not refundable and no exchanges are allowed. All exchanges are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

How to Replace Lost or Damaged Phone

Note:  ReachOut Wireless, does not cover lost, stolen or broken phones.  If your phone is lost or break you phone, you must purchase a new one.  You are not limited to buying from Reachout.  You can also purchase from, WalMart,, or any other cellular dealer, as long as it is compatible with the

You can also purchase from, WalMart,, or any other cellular dealer, as long as it is compatible with the provider.  So, you have a wide range of phones to choose for your upgrade, and the prices can range from inexpensive to moderately priced.

Phones Compatible with Reachout Wireless 

• iPhone-4
• LG-vs750
• VX11000
• LG Cosmos 2 VN251S
• LG Fathom VS750
• Motorola Citrus WX445
• Motorola Droid X2 MB870
• Motorola Droid 3 XT862
• Samsung Illusion SCH-i110

How to Upgrade with Reachout Mobile

If you would like to replace or update your, go to the website, under ‘Wireless Replacement’, to choose a  new model.   Here you can find  a list of bonus minutes, and how to get them.   If you do not see the cell phones you are looking for, contact the company.

Check our list of providers in your state.

Reachout Wireless 
Nexus Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 247168
Columbus, OH 43224
Enrollment Support: 1-877-870-9444


[UPDATE:  At the time Reachout Wireless in no longer a LifeLine Provider. Please choose another cell phone provider.  We will inform you of any further changes.]

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  1. Frederick Hoover

    Trying to upgrade phone evertime I enter my phone #it say’s I am not registered any ideas why, and yes I am putting my # in correct. Thanks

  2. kelly Sherlock

    Hi im guessing Pamela im trying to obtain a free smart phone and they have been in my Ocala Florida area at different locations but are here somewhere local as we speak I have many friends who have obtained the coolpad phone and I would like to also but need their location please to get in person they say have stands and u bring your id and ebt card and obtain in person right on the spot. Can you please contact me back and let me know of their location in Ocala Florida at this time. Thank you for your help in this matter. Ill be expecting your response please. Thanks again

  3. Melissa

    I want a iPhone 4 how do I go about making sure this is what I get?

  4. Arnaija Fair

    Would An 4.7 iPhone 6 Be Compatible With Reachout Wireless If I Get It Through Verizon Wireless ?

  5. Debbie Applewhite

    Can u please send me a replacement phone the one I have is damaged, it won’t charge.
    For some reason I’ve been Cut off don’t know why, is it any way you can email me and let me know. My reach out # is 662 619 0495
    Email is. [email protected]

  6. barbara price

    i have a small samsung cell phone that is broken,it will not charge and it is not the power cord.i would like a replacement,you can send it to…..barbara price 2605 oak grove rd,Hattiesburg,ms 39402…..i am already qualified for a phone,have been with you for about 2 yrs now,please rush thank you

  7. Sandra McBride

    I have had my reachout phone for several years now. it is a fliptop & one side of the top broke. I would like to obtain a different phone please. My # is 6083227500 I would also like to keep my same # if possible. Thank You Sandra McBride 2237 Burton St. Apt 15 Beloit Wi 53511

  8. liana

    my phone is broken please send me another one . my addres is 533 myrtle st glendale ca 91203 thanks my phone #is 747 3337900 tkanks the price to be 6 to 10 dollars

  9. Nadiya Shmatko

    We need the address of reach out wireless to go cancel my phone

  10. Veronica smith

    I was issued a very old phone when I first joined Reachout and now that phone doesn’t work properly. I need a new phone within the Lifetime program, but I also need to keep my current phone number. Yes, I do have an older phone lying around the house that I can transfer service to if that is possible without changing my current number. Thank you, veronica

  11. Jeffrey Jackson

    my phone need a new battey and charger pluse I just won’t a new phone

  12. jeffrey g. sanborn

    I have been trying for days to upgrade anew phone since this one I have is insufficient for my needs please help the website isn’t working and I am getting wrong information that I don’t quality for this program !!!!!!!!! yes I do my client id #is 73701070A I am on Medicaid and medicare also I have a federal housing association rural housing mortage . my account # for this is #4652013 pleasehelp call#2072562151 or email above

  13. Robert Tucker

    I lost my phone was told to go to call row .com I did but I didn’t understand how to use the site in order to get and up-grade phone for the one tat I lost. Would you please help me to understand what I am to do?

  14. Dr. James Swienty DD, R.T.

    I tried to sign up for your free phone but, I guess I am not entitled to one. When I got to the place to let you know that I am the only one living in one of the 178 seperate apartments here at 501 W. Surf Street, Chicago, Illinois 60657, there is no place to click on the word “no” as your instructions imply. I am 67 years old and disabled I did not realize that you discriminate against people that are disabled. I took a screen shot of the problem…but It seems that I cannot send it to you on this form…
    Dr. James Swienty DD, R.T. (ARRT)

  15. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    EuRita, in order to update your Reachout Wireless phone, you need in enter your phone number, to gain access to that page.

  16. EuRita Wright

    I can’t get on the website ,to view the phones to upgrade my phone. Maybe it’s me . I’m not too computer savvy. please help me?

  17. Susan

    Hi does anyone know if you can keep your old number to this service? Because I am new to the service but the Agent wouldn’t let me keep my old number from before.

  18. jim morris

    how do I change my plan to fit my needs I have a reach out wireless phone and have 125 min I need the 250 min plan

  19. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Scott, If you would like to replace or update your present cell phone, go to the website, under ‘Wireless Phones Replacement’, to choose new phone.




  21. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Thanks for the heads up!


    Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Chrome.

    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
    The design look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon.


  23. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    michele bowers, something has definitely gone wrong. Call the company to find out what happened or to ask for a refund.

  24. michele bowers

    ordered a charger replacement several months ago for free reachout phone(Samsung)NEVER RECEIVED IT!!

  25. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Glenwood, they are constantly changing the phone that are compatible with their services. Give them a call to find out is you can use your old phone.

  26. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Tonya, you will have to contact their customer service number. I am not sure why you are not being recognized as a current user.

  27. Glenwood Turner

    My current Reach Out Wireless Govt. phone has broken and you son gave me his old Verizon iphone 4 which he just upgraded to the iphone 5, So can I use this instead of having to buy a replacement?

  28. Regina

    I have a HTC Droid I want to get through reach out service its through Verizon wireless. Do you all accept this device with this services.

  29. tonya

    i did that. reachout wireless does not recognize my name, ss#, wireless number etc….. my phone works but i can not logon to the site i can not do anything

  30. tonya

    hi. I was interested in upgrading my current reachout wireless phone. I have not had it long and when i put in my wireless number on their website and on the phone it says they can not access my account.

  31. Pamela Lipscomb Post author

    Loretta, you didn’t tell me what company you have your phone with.

  32. loretta k weidner

    where do i go to find a replacement phone mine has quit working

  33. ANNA

    I have an old flip phone through reachout wireless it freezesndrops calls or dont receive calls at all also cant access my voicemail and

    mail box is full Ive been trying to access you upgraded phone website to see what you have but keeps telling me down for maintenance

  34. Pamela Lipscomb Post author

    Catherine, go to . Here you will be able to purchase a new phone.

  35. Catherine Geoghegan

    Hello, I hope you can help, I have an old 2010 Samsung from Reachout wireless but the phone is broken. What do I have to do in order to get a replacement?

  36. Pamela Lipscomb Post author

    Gina, go to Verizon, enter your address, to contact customer service, for your area.

  37. Gina Russell

    I have the unlimited plan (26.50). Is there a way that I can also access the web

  38. Karen Barnes

    Blackberry 8330 no longer works I need a replacement our land line number is 989 305 6662 We can not access the website
    thank you

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