Free Government Phone Plans

Free Government Phone Plans.  You will be glad to know that there are more many government phone plans available today.  When the Lifeline Program first added cell phones there a few companies participating.   Now there are dozens of companies participating.  The three major mobile phone providers are, Safelink, ReachOut and Assurance Wireless.  Every month new cell phone carriers are popping added and today every state have companies enrolled in the Lifeline program.  Each company offers free cell phones, but have different variations to the plans. 

Some companies have great customer service and others, are hard to get in touch with.   It is up to you to do your homework, to ensure you get the phone and the benefits you deserve!  There are also other smaller regional cell phone plans, that cover area the large companies do not where the major communications companies do not cover.  There are no face-to-face meetings and you can apply, online, over the phone, or download an application and mail it in.

Trying To Get It Right

There has been a lot of fraudulent activity with these phone plans, and they have made some changes to their application process.  Now you must produce proof you are financially eligible to receive Lifeline assistance.  If you are working, provide payrolls stubs or a copy of a recent W-2 form.   If you receive help from a government poverty program, you must provide proof of enrollment.  

There has been much opposition to the Lifeline program,  Conservative legislators are attempting to put an end to the free cell phone program, by passing legislation to end it, or in some state to require poor people receiving these phone services to pay something for the cell phone plans.

Government Phone Plans and Policies

Safelink now requires your fax, proof of your financial status, such as a letter from you government assistance program or Unemployment Department.  Once you submit an application, you will have to wait for acceptance in the Lifeline program. You receive a cell phone after you are approved.  This should take seven to ten business days.  Find the cell phones plan you want and get familiar with the customer service department of the provider you have chosen.

Also, it answers right away.  I have heard complaints about Safelink’s customer service waiting time.   You can find the answers you need on the company website.  If you are fortunate enough to get someone on the line most of the time a customer service representative, will be willing to walk you through the process step by step.

The Truth About Lifeline 

It’s past time to set the record straight on Lifeline Program, the essential service to low-income families that have recently suffered fallacious attacks and been mislabeled as the “Obama Phone” program.  Recently, political talking heads have falsely and irresponsibly excoriated the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline telephone program, as the Obama administration,  giving free cell phones to poor people as a method  (Read More)

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Safelink Wireless Government Phones

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