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If you live in Oklahoma, you can receive free phone service with TerraCom Wireless.  They are one of the original companies  using Lifeline funds, to provide affordable wireless service, to low-income residents.  Their pay-as-you-go plans are affordable, and the customer service was excellent.

This free cell phone program does not require  down payments, credit checks, or contracts for service.  Terracom Wireless is a community-minded company seeking to provide phone services to anyone who wants it! (Lifeline)

TerraCom Wireless Offers Several Plans

Lifeline Assistance Plan –   Offers 250 free minutes and text messaging, for a cent per minute.  There are no rollover minutes.  What is not used will be lost, if not used by the end of the month.

Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan – Although the plan is not available in Oklahoma, TerraCom Wireless, offers an affordable discount plan to Oklahoma residents, at the cost of $4.58 each month.  Addition fees and taxes may apply.

Oklahoma Lifeline 1000 Plan – This plan is for those who do not qualify for the free phone plan, but still eligible for Lifeline benefits.  You will receive 1000 free minutes or text messages for $1.00 a month, and additional fees and taxes.

How to Apply

Applying for a free cell phone has never been easier.  In order to receive Lifeline assistance, you must provide proof, that you are eligible for the program.  You can apply on-line and submit your financial proof of eligibility there.  Go to the provider website, (listed below) and begin the application process by entering your zip code, to ensure TerraCom operates in your city.  If so, continue the process as directed.

Replacing your Phone

Problems can arise with any cell phone, and if you have lost or had your phone stolen, you can the option of purchasing a new one.  You can buy a phone online or anywhere else, as long as it is a compatible with the program.  The phones compatible with the program are Audiovox, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung.  The prices for replacement phones range from $10, and up.

Renewing TerraCom Wireless Service

Each year, you will be contacted one month before the anniversary date of your application, to re-certify.  This is required by law to continue your services.    Submit the same type of information you did, when you joined the program.   If you do not re-certify on time, your service will be disconnected.

If your service is turned off, you will have to do without your service, until your application is approved again.  You will have the option to renew up to 30 days before your plan expires.   At this time, you may also change your phone provider.

TerraCom Wireless – Trying to Cheat the Government?

TerrCom Wireless
401 E. Memorial Rd., Suite 500
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

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