How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Phone?

By | October 12, 2017

Do you need to replace lost stolen phone?  No one plans to break, lose or have their cell phone stolen, but it happens. When these things happen, you need to know how to get a replacement phone quickly. You know the panic of misplacing your phone.

If you have a lost phone, you want to replace it as soon a possible and possible get a Smartphone.  If you have a free government phone through the Lifeline, it is not different. You want to know what to do, to get a new cell phone, how much it will cost and how long it will take to get a don’t all have the same cost and replacement policies for their products.

When you’ve Lost your Phone

Many people contact us, who have lost their phone, but don’t remember who they have service with.  We encourage you to keep a copy of the name of your phone provider, your phone number, and a serial number of your phone.  You will need this information to get help.  Anyone can lose their cell phone.  It is not uncommon to misplace your phone a few times week.  If you have truly lost your phone, contact the phone provider immediately to have the service turned off and protect you phone balance.

Replace Lost Stolen Phone – Replacement Policies

The Lifeline Assistance Program is dedicated to putting free and affordable phones into the hands of those when need it the most. Because the program is free, some with free government phone think  lost, broken or stolen phones are automatically replaced without charge.  This is not necessarily the case.

There is no standard replacement policy for Lifeline phones.  Each cellular phone company sets their own procedure for replacements. If you company does not replace your lost or stolen phone for free, you can purchase a compatible phone from the provider, or  where cell phones are sold.  It is good to know, the cost to replace your phone, are very reasonable.

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is one of the major Lifeline phone providers.  They have a one-year warranty on their phones from the original equipment manufacturer, not Assurance.  If your phone breaks or is not working properly within the first year, your phone will be replaced.  If  your phone breaks after a year, you are responsible for replacing the phone yourself.  Contact the company at 1-888-321-5880, to request a replacement cell phone.

Assurance Wireless
P.O. Box 686
Parsippany, NJ 07054
[email protected]

Assist Wireless Replacement Policy

If you lose or damage you Lifeline cell phone, there is a $25 fee to have the phone replaced. Mail your fee to Assist Wireless, attention: “phone replacement.” You can send a check or money order.

Broken Phone?  If your phone is broken or not working properly, locate an Assist Wireless Sales and Service Center. Someone will look at your phone, to determine if the phone can be repaired.  If not, send your replacement fee to the address below.

Assist Wireless
Attention: Phone Replacement
2330 Gravel Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76118

Budget Mobile Replacement Policy

Budget Mobile phones and cell phone service is available to the residents of  36 states in the U.S.  This Lifeline phone services available to the public  through the Lifeline Assistance program. Contact Budget Mobile when you phone has been lost or stolen, so it can be deactivated. There is a fee to replace lost, broken or stolen phones. The fee to replace your phone is $20. You can mail a check or money order to the company. Write you name and old phone number on your payment.

Budget Prepay Inc.
1325 Barksdale Blvd.
Suite 200
Bossier City, LA 71112

QLink Wireless Replacement Policy

Is There a Fee?  No

If you lose your phone contact this provider immediately. You are responsible for any usage charges before the company is notified. You may also be asked to provide facts surrounding the loss or theft of your phone for investigation purposes.

If you don’t activate your phone, or inform the company within sixty days that your phone has been found, it will be deactivated.

If your phone is lost or stolen within two weeks of receiving it, you may get a new phone. If your phone is lost or stolen after two weeks of delivery, you will have to pay $15 for a replacement. Contact Qlink about your lost or stolen phone, by email: [email protected] Please include your name, enrollment ID, and phone number in Subject section of the letter. If you do not remember your ID enter your name, address and phone number.

Q Link Wireless, LLC

Reachout Wireless Replacement Policy

Is There a Fee?  Yes

Reachout Wireless is not responsible for your handset after it has been delivered to the consumer. They do offer low-cost replacement phones. The model of phone you receive is not guaranteed, as phones are randomly chosen.

They have another option to purchase a modern Audiovox, Kyocera, LG Motorola or Nokia. These phones are pretested, and you can choose any compatible model. You phone number will not change, any remaining minutes will be applied to your new phone. Some phone offer bonus minutes with purchase.

Safelink Wireless Replacement Policy

Safelink Wireless is probably one of the most recognized free government phone provider. The are the largest, oldest of the companies that offer Lifeline cell phones. Their service covers 38 states and Puerto Rico and Washington DC.

Every customer is eligible for one replacement phone, a lost phone, stolen or broken phone. Replacements will be older refurbished phones. Once the company is notified the phone is lost, that phone will be deactivated. Any minutes you had on your phone at the time it was lost will not be transferred to you new handset.

SafeLink Wireless – Here
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

25 thoughts on “How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Phone?

  1. neil scott pool

    hi my name is scott and i want tell you about my safe link phone it got stolen from me on ether monday night or tuesday night the ass came in my house while i was asleep and took it and other items as well why i dont know but i have contacted the cops and they did take a report and then they left that was about 2 hours ago so i dont know what else i can tell you other than i got me a temp phone until my other phone can be replaced my temp phone number is 270 484 0443

  2. albertrenteria

    how do i get a new phone what days are out with the free phones

  3. albertrenteria

    yes my phone stop working everytime that i press hard on the screen and also no servive

  4. George Salamalekis

    My backpack was stolen from the beach which had my phone in it. My phone number is 440-731-4581

  5. Josephine Obezo

    My name is Josephine Obezo, my QLink phone got stolen two days ago. July 20, 2017. Plz disconnect it. I need a replacement phone.

  6. Marcia Lambert

    I like a replacement my lost phone with a new number

    1. Richard jennen

      I like a replacement my lost phone with a new number

  7. Tomekia Hamilton

    It’s so hard to contact safelink to speak to an customer service rep, rather it’s on the phone or internet! It sucks but the keep writing me all these farms letters talking about loosing service! Well my phone haven’t worked in months!

  8. James W. Sayles

    My assurance phone will no longer boot up. I have put in a new OEM battery and that did nothing. I need a replacement phone Please. My Assurance number is 641.210.2524

  9. Mary millay

    My assurance Obama little phone quit charging and I am due to reinstate in 2018. May I have a bigger phone please

  10. erika bagley

    I had my phone stolen I’m calling the 1888-321-5880 number but it keep hanging up is there another way I can call or receive a phone

    1. Free Government Phones Post author

      Erika, please call you phone provider to notify them you lost your phone. Ask to have the service disconnected and find out your provider’s phone replacement policy. You may have to pay a fee for a replacement.

  11. Beth

    Hi I had to turn my phone off due to the fact that I couldn’t find it. How do I get a replacement phone and #. I was with Safelink.

    1. Free Government Phones Post author

      Hello, Jean. Please contact your provider for a replacement or purchase one that is compatible with your service. You provider can help you with this also.

  12. Tracey Tyson

    Do your have any smart phone assurance wireless how much they cost got government phone!!!

    1. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

      Hello Tracey. Go to the Assurance Wireless website and do a search for “upgrade” to see what phones are available and how much they cost.

  13. Melissa Bateholts

    What other phone can we buy to replace the one I lost does it have to e a virgin mobile or what

  14. pam waller

    I recently applied for a safelink phone and when it was delivered USPS to my mailbox someone else stole it. I am asking for information on how to resolve this problem immediately. I have contacted the number on my postcard but have no response. Please have this phone deactivated immediately and please issue me another. I do not have any information on this phone such as an account number. Please help.
    410 S Bodenheimer Street
    Burgaw NC 28425

    1. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

      Pam contact you phone provider immediately, so they can deactivate the phone. If the phone was never used, you should be able to get a new one.

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