Tracfone – How to Replace your Safelink Phone

Lost Tracphone – Have you lost your Tracfone?  Bummer!  Often you may have to replace a lost or stolen tracfones.  Losing your phone is a pain, but you can purchase a new phone at most stores, change SIM card and have you all your information transferred in a moment.   When you lose your phone contact the customer service representatives will suspend your phone, hold the minutes and transfer them to your new phone when activated.  

There will be a break in your service until you receive a new phone. TracFone Wireless is a prepaid wireless telecommunication service provider in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  They are the premier provider of wireless phones, and one of the retailers for Safelink compatible phones.  They are the fifth largest phone company in the world, having almost 300 million subscribers.

Replacing Tracfones

Safelink Wireless does not offer insurance for tracfones, so when they stop working or have a lost phone, you have to purchase a new phone.  When you get another phone, you can keep the basic model, or upgraded to a better model.   You can buy a time card at Wal-Market, most drug stores,, or anywhere Tracfones are sold.   They partner with well-known manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, LG, and Kyocera.  This partnership makes it possible to provide high-quality phones at competitive prices.

When you’ve Lost your Phone

  1.  Go online to, or call 800-867-7183
  2. Enter the zip code to get a list of Tracfone phones compatible with Safelink Wireless services
  3. Give them your name, phone number and serial number for the missing phone
  4. You can keep your phone number, or ask for a new one
  5. Purchase your new phone at Radio Shack, Eckerd, Kroger and K-Mart, Walmart, and  many drug stores 

When you get your new phone you call to have it activated, by providing the serial number,  on the activation card, and the SIM card code, on the back of the SIM.    Tracfones airtime: Any remaining is transferred to your new phone.   Tracfone Customer Service – 1 (800) 867-7183 or look for Safelink Compatible Phones.

Tracfones  – Promotional Codes for Minutes

Tracfone often offers promotions as a way to stimulate sales.  You can find these promotion codes in many places.  I am only posting those current and active new codes.  You use these codes adding time to your Safelink services.  There will be a prompt on-line or with an agent, where you will give or enter these codes to get additional time. 

Cards 60 Minutes or More.

59396 – 30 bonus minutes
84464 – 30 bonus minutes
30788 – 20 bonus minutes

Cards 120 Minute or More.

32102 – 60 bonus minutes
17202 – 30      ”          “
34152 – 20      ”          “

Cards 200 Minute or More.

200 minute Tracfone card

21645 – 40 bonus minutes
23154 – 40      ”          “
32102 – 60      ”          “

Value Plan Bonus Codes – These codes can only be used for newly registered customers

18337 – Gives 10 bonus minutes for 50 min
18376 – Gives 10 bonus minutes for 50 min
15288 – Gives 20 bonus minutes for 125 min
20650 – Gives 30 bonus minutes for 200 min

 *Check out: Safelink compatible phone models and How to Replace your Lost or Stolen Phone

Contact SafeLink Wireless  Here
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

These code change from time to time.  If a code does not work, check back again.  We will update new deals and bonus codes regularly.

100 thoughts on “Tracfone – How to Replace your Safelink Phone

  1. Teri murray

    I have a Alcatel one touch free gov. Phone. Someone knocked it down and broke lens and glass has fallen out and I can not see who calling. I need a new phone, cause I have a grandbaby that I am raising g and need a phone. I will send phone to prove it is broken so I can get a new one. How do I do that? Teri Murray

  2. Tracy Sayre

    I have a question I dropped my phone in the water when I went fishing on a boat, I got it out of the water and then while walking to my vehicle it fell out of my case and I accidentally ran over it. The screen is cracked and it has a little bit of water in the screen. What can I do to get a replacement phone?

  3. Deana Motz

    My safe link phone has been saying no service I had them trouble shoot it and it still says no service I have asked for a replacement phone and they will not send one they want me to buy a new one and I am a single parent and if something happens to my kid while I wait I’m very upset over this .

  4. Alice Thompson

    I switched my Safelink account over on a LG smart phone because I needed internet for my child homework and i accidentally cracked the front and it barely does work now. Can I get a replacement phone that i can go on the internet from Safelink and if so do I have to pay anything

  5. michael hallstrom

    can you transfer (309)550-3333 to my replacement safelink tracfone

  6. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi, Kimberly. I don’t know who you have your phone service with. Most of the time you will have to pay a small fee for a replacement phone unless it is defective when you just got it or when it was recently new. Please call your phone provider to find out if there is a cost for the replacement.

  7. Kimberly prater

    My cell phone is brokenplease send me another one thank you. Kimberly prater 50 Garey Loop Savannah TN 38372

  8. janet vaughan

    My Safelink phone is needing to b replaced. I am not getting messages sometimes and when charging it is showing on screen that a battery is required. I don’t get messages and friends don’t get messages from friends. Can I get a replacement phone?

  9. Peggy Gilileo

    Will a tracfone ZTE magesty pro work with my safe link service?

  10. Lana Pate

    I did fill out but wouldn’t go.safelink was in Mountain Home, Ar. a few days ago giving away ZTE free phones. I have a phone but hard for me to hold due bad authritus I my fingers. And doesn’t rig very loud due to trouble with herimg. Is their anyway I could get one of these. On very low as income and can’t afford yo buy one. Thank u so much and also for free phone.

  11. Lana Pate

    Someone was here in my town giving away safelink phones and was wondering if could get one of these I have problem seeing real good. They were giving ZTE phones and lady got one has no problems with hers. I was having a prob with mine not ringing and not real loud and I have a little hearing prob. I s there anyway I can get mine replaced with this one and is a little bigger than mine and due to bad authritus in my fingers the little bigger one is better for me. Sure would appreciate it so much and I thank you for the free phone.

  12. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, David. Please call you phone provider to purchase a new phone or to find out what phone is compatible with your service so you can purchase one retail.

  13. David goudy

    My phone was dropped and broken. I need another phone.

  14. Guy L Keating

    Can I replace my destroyed LG flip phone with a BLU smart android phone purchased by my brother via Wal-Mart online?

  15. Myriam Y. Iannillo

    My government issued Track one is not working – no texting, won’t stay connected, etc. I didn’the drop it, throw it, or damage it in any way.
    it. I’m struggling to survive on $11,000/yrly. and cannot afford to pay for a replacement.
    Please help.

    Thank you,
    Myriam Y. Iannillo

  16. Free Government Phones Post author

    Dean, contact your phone providers. Depending on how long you have had your phone, you may be charged a fee for a replacement.

  17. Joseph steele

    I have a tracfone phone thru safe link and it stopped working how do I get a replacement. Safe link number is 440-231-0684 to verify

  18. Stacy bootn

    I want to transfer my safelink service to assist wireless instead how do I do that

  19. Dean M LaClair

    I’d like to get a free new replacement phone. There are some buttons on mine that some times don’t work right. I’d like to keep the same phone # 518-353-4657. and have my minutes transfered to new phone. Also my phone sometimes doesn’t get good service in places were sometimes it does. Let me know what I have to do.

  20. Theresa Brex

    I received my safelink free phone in august 2013. I can no longer use this phone to make or receive calls. The calls are so broken up it is impossible to communicate anymore.

    I do not know how to get a free replacement from safelink.

    I tried the website but there is no way to email or contact them.

    I tried calling- but miss over half of the robot info.

  21. Donald purdion

    N also I have turned 12 r 15 people on to qlink n I was wanting to no how to go bout getting my free minutes

  22. Donald purdion

    Yah my phone is broken n I jus received my new phone I have DA broken one if I send back 2 yah will yah reimburse me on DA 1 DAT I’m sending back to yah. ..cause I could not afford DA 1 DAT i jus got

  23. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Denise. If the phone is in your son’s name, you can not get his private information. Why know sit down with him and discuss the matter with him and how you think you should handle the situation? I don’t believe free government phones keep a record of the text messages. But call and ask your provider to make sure.

  24. Denise H. Rizzo

    is it possible to get my text records mailed to my address or emailed to me? I want to read my sons texts. He is a minor. And I need to see who is bullying him. He has been getting harassed for over a year. Can you help me? I want all the text for this year 2017. From Jan.-May. Once I know who is doing it, I will contact the proper authorities for assistance in this matter. Thank You, D.H.R.

  25. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Dominique. If you lose you phone and not calls are made in a month the service is disconnected. So, perhaps you did not cancel your phone service and someone else is using your phone. Please immediately cancel your phone services. Once it is canceled, you should be able to renew your service. Please call you provider’s customer service to make sure your service is canceled. You will have to apply again and provide proof of eligibility.

  26. Dominique

    My tracfone was stolen a year-and-a-half ago and I thought I had cancelled it. I just tried to order online and it will not allow me to if I could receive a response email telling me how to get a new SafeLink TracFone smartphone with the 500 minutes, unlimited text, and one gigabyte of data a month that would be amazing. My name is Dominique Hall 07/31/1982, 1867 Church Rd. Apt 1 Baltimore MD 21222. I have medicaid/ ObamaCare and get SNAP…not much but I’m grateful for thesmall amount of food stamps that I get until my SSDI. please if you could help me that would be most wonderful and awesome.

    [email protected]
    443 803 7554
    443 679 3626

  27. Linda jensen

    How do I get a new phone my safe link one died so what do I do

  28. Tidac

    Many thanks for posting this, It’s just what I was researching for on bing. I’d a lot relatively hear opinions from an individual, barely than an organization web page, that?s why I like blogs so significantly. Many thanks!

  29. MQH

    We broke our phone but it got thrown away and I don’t have serial number . Do I need it when activating a new one ?

  30. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi, Rosie, you can buy a new Tracfone, just about anywhere, online or in the store. Call your provider to request a new number.

  31. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi, Kathy. If is frustrating when your phone does not work. It does matter where you live and if you get good connection in your area. You may have to upgrade to a better qualify phone. Call Safelink to see if there is anything they can do to help you.

  32. Free Government Phones Post author

    Beverly, please contact your phone provider to find out if the phone you have is compatible with service or how much a new phone will cost.

  33. Viola

    Someone stole my SafeLink phone out of my car telephone number is 706 669-8138 how can I get this cancelled and get it replaced

  34. Rosie Granado

    How can I get a replacement I no longer have any access to my tracfone please need a replacement

  35. Rosie Granado

    I lost my tracfone how do I get an replacement with a different number it has been stolen I don’t remember the phone number to my tracfone.



  37. Kathy franklin

    My phone from safelink I can’t hear out of it I don’t get no service unless I walk out said why have a phone were you have to go out said to call are TX someone the bugs bit me so it’s not no need to have the phone cause I don’t what to go out said if I have to make a call

  38. Hector V

    I saw online somewhere that we can upgrade our safe link phones for a modern unlockable cellphone…is it true ? And how do we go about doing the replacement

  39. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hi Nita, it depends of the phone you have and your provider. Safelink usually shows on the phone. Who is your phone provider?

  40. Sharon Mosley

    I still haven’t received my replacement phone. It’s been almost a month. Ref.#1133891526

  41. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Leonard please contact the provider you purchased the phone from. We are a resource not associated with the free government phone program.

  42. Leonard Lawson

    Have my replacement phone been shiped 113285096

  43. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Iryana, don’t cry! I have tried to reach Safelink myself and have noticed the same thing. It is like very frustrating. Iryana, go to Tracfone to purchase and new phone and go online to activate your new phone.

  44. Iryna Burymova

    How to contact safelink if they have just answer machine and there are no options for broken, lost or stolen phones? My phone got broken and i keep trying to contact safelink for 3 days but there is no way!!!! Ready to cry…

  45. Dorothy Diak

    I would like to buy my own Tracfone. I just wondered if I do this will I still get my government minutes applied to that phone. Do I need to call Tracfone to give them any info after I do this or can I buy the phone, keep the same number and it will automatically be added every month. I just have the basic Lg with no camera. Tiny phone, & not a flip phone.

  46. Deborah E Kearney

    When you receive you phone it comes with paperwork that has printed right on it “Keep this information….” Sadly, Penny, you really do have to read the instructions to get all the information you need. How stupid of them to expect you to read instruction! Right! 8-/

    Grow up and don’t blame Safelink for your lack of ability to follow instructions.

  47. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Penny. Try going on line to find what tracfone models phones are compatible with Safelink and purchase a new one. It is always a good idea to write done the serial number of you phone. The same way you do your credit or debit cards an major applicance such as TV, stero systems, etc. incase you have to report it lost or stolen.

  48. Penny

    OK I thought it was just massive stupidity on the part of the Safelink telephone reps, but how are you supposed to be able to give them the serial number for the missing phone if you don’t HAVE it because it’s lost or stolen?! I thought it was their lack of English comprehension but now I see it in print on this website too. Are you bloody well KIDDING me?!?! What the hell?! What part of IF IT’S MISSING I DON’T HAVE THE SERIAL NUMBER BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE THE DAMN PHONE IN FRONT OF ME YOU MORONS don’t you understand?!

  49. phyllis

    Hi my phone will not turn on because the stopped button will not work eny more and I need a phone I’m on safe link program do they give out a replase meant if its your first one the was broke ,mine is need help….

  50. Terry Holmes

    Have a new phone and for some reason my info will not transfer to my new phone. Cannot get any help. Only get recordings on the numbers I try calling. Someone please help as Neither phone works at this point. I hope I have not lost my info forever.

  51. Craig Chavez

    Hello my name is Craig Chavez and the trac phone that I have is a bit broken and is not accepting any SIM card that replaced. Is there a way that I can have a replacement for the phone that I have? My replacement code is 20221925. Thank you.
    Craig Chavez
    105 Texas St. S.E
    Albuquerque New Mexico

    And my number was (505)219-9930

  52. Arthur Lee Thomas

    my phone is stole. How can I get a replacement

  53. Debra Quinn

    I lost my Safelink phone yesterday. My daughter gave me a Straight Talk phone.Can I use that phone and still get my free minutes,and keep my phone number ??

  54. Edna Weaver

    I am trying to report phone as lost. I am having a hard time getting thru to do this on the phone number from the website. Could you please Help me with this. How do I get replacement phone?

  55. Eugene Fields

    I am trying to get a replacement phone my broken please contact on this number 754 2818472

  56. Stef

    Lost my safelink phone. Bought new tracphone at store…. How do i transfer my safelink account to the new phone? Do they have to send me new sim card or can i just call and do it over the phone?

  57. volfan639

    Pamela Carr,

    What difference should it make to you? You are on disability and could be receiving the free cell phone and minutes if you filled out the forms and qualify. Some people you think are not really disabled may have something wrong with them that you can’t start to understand. Most of us DO need the help the government assistance program gives us. If you received it you wouldn’t be complaining, so why don’t you try to qualify? If you are drawing disability then I would think you qualify. If not, can’t you just be glad you get money and leave the rude remarks about us out because sometimes a disability is NOT recognizable to the eye. You mam are cruel to those of us that can’t help the way we are! We didn’t ask to be different or unable to do a lot of things normal people can do, but we’re haunted with that everyday and at no fault of our own! Grow up, get a life, quit downgrading others that do have mental or physical disabilities and work on yourself instead of criticizing others. You’d be a lot happier person!

  58. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Pam Carr, the Lifeline program helps many working and disabled people as well as low-income consumers who legitimately need help. I can not speak about your friends situation, however, because I do not know her.

  59. Pam Carr

    I am truly upset, for one, someone who makes NO EFFORT to work can get a free phone, let alone free text!!! Now I have a friend, who first never trys to work, does not qualify for disability, and now gets free internet and is playing on Facebook on average free govt phone!!! I worked all my life, had to come out on disability because if health issues. Barely make it on my check, yet I have to pay for my own food, phone and Dr bills! This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of in my life!!!!!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Your helping lazy people just stay lazy!!!

  60. Joseph isham

    Need to upgrade need fast texting phone with big letters

  61. rafaela corralez

    I lost my safe link phone and don’t remember my phone number

  62. Claudia Smith

    my phone from safe link got stolen is there a way to replace

  63. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Randy, go online to the phone carriers web site. There should be a few option on how to contact them. Depending on the company, you should be able to call, email and some have online help.

  64. randy

    I need to talk to some one my phone was lost and im trying to get a new phone I cant reach no one form any of the numbers that was giving

  65. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Thelma, you will have to contact you cell phone provider with this issue. We are a resource not related to the free government phone program.

  66. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Melissa, You will need to contact the phone company, you have your services with. Some companies are compatible provide an upgrade to smartphones, others are not. It will depend on what cell phone provider you use and the state you are living in.

  67. Thelma J. White

    I need to talk to someone. My phone won’t turn on at all. Your recorded messages won’t do anything until I wait 15 minutes and call back. I can’t call back. I need someone to send me a new phone or call me at this temporary number please.

  68. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Joseph, it usually takes 7 to 10 business days, a no including week ends or holidays. Give it a few more days. If you do get the phone, please contact you cell phone provider. We here are not associated with Lifeline, we are a resource site.

  69. Joseph Clayton

    I called for a replacement phone over ten days ago. I have not received my phone. This is my Ticket #1095039337. Would you please
    answer my comment.

  70. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Jessica, there are more than one free phone provider that uses Tracfone, please contact you provider to find out have your get a new phone. You will possible have to pay a fee for a new phone.

  71. Jessica Malek

    I lost my Tracphone how can I get another one a replacement one?

  72. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Yuriko, call your cell phone providers to let them know you lost your phone. They will disconnect the number and issue a new phone. You may have to pay for the phone, depending on the cell phone provider.

  73. Yuriko Ģuerra

    Lost my cell phone its 956 324 8576. Thank you.


    I lost my safelink phone. My Phone # is (404) xxx – 0284.
    I tried to call but i can never get anyone. Please help I would like to have a new phone.

    My daughters home phone number is 770-xxx-9003,

    please help



    I have lost my phone through safe link this is the first time, I call the number to report it stolen and then its says to call this number. I try to report it lost, can’t get through to anyone.

  76. Pamela Lipscomb Post author

    Jennifer, call your phone provider and tell them you lost your cell phone. Depending on your cell phone provider you mayhave to pay a replacement fee.



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