These Companies Offer Free Smartphones from the Government

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Government Smartphones.  help millions of people in the U.S. stay connected to family, friends, and more. Free cell phone companies offer smartphones to their new customers.   Government Lifeline assistance helps low-income families with free government cell phones and affordable phone services.  Cellular providers don’t need to offer smartphones.  But it is a very nice feature to bring in new customers.  Some even give iPhones.

This provision is up to the cell phone companies themselves.  And, it is a wise move to keep up with the technology.  Therefore, most free cell phone companies now offer smartphones.  Some providers provide inexpensive older-model phones when you apply for service. Most Lifeline providers now offer Androids and Smartphones or BYOP programs.

13 Companies that Offer Free Government Smartphones

AirTalk Wireless

Offers free Smartphones and covers Lifeline and ACP plans.

Access Wireless

Free Smartphone, Unlimited talk, text, data particatates with ACP & Lifeline Program.  

American Assistance

Approved customers receive a free smartphone, unlimited talk, text, and Data data monthly with   

Budget Mobile

Free Smartphones,  unlimited talk & text and 25 GB Date free monthly.

Assurance Wireless

Free smartphone, unlimited talk, text and data and 10 GB hotspot connectivity

Cintex Wireless

Yes, they offer free Smartphones and iPhones to Lifeline-qualified customers. Apply today and receive 500 free minutes, unlimited text messages, and a smartphone.   


EnTouch does have a “Bring Your Own Phone” program for Lifeline customers.   You can bring your iPhone or Android to use this phone service.

Life Wireless

Life Wireless offers Android smartphones when you apply and qualify for the Lifeline program.

Safelink Wireless  

Safelink gives smartphones when you upgrade.  You can purchase a new phone on their website.   They have a BYOP (bring your phone program).  Phone prices begin at $29. 

QLink Wireless

QLink offers free smartphones to qualified customers, free monthly talk, and unlimited text and picture messaging.

Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile offers Smartphones to its Lifeline customers.  They provide unlimited talk, texting, and data and a BYOP program.  California customers receive 500 MG of LTE speeds and worldwide calling.  

Terracom Wireless

This company offers unlimited talk, texting, the Internet, and a free cell Smartphone.  Terracom Wireless.

ReachOut Wireless

While this company was once one of the most popular providers, they no longer work with the Lifeline free government phone program.

True Wireless

Yes, True Wireless offers a variety of Smartphone models, including older model iPhones.  “True Wireless offers customer service seven days a week and access to the VOOZ app, which provides unlimited talk and text.”  

Wireless for Hope (Easy Wireless)

With this company, you can receive a free Android or iPhone.  Remember that the company sends out what phones are available at the time, so everyone might not get the same phone.  If you want to upgrade, choose from the Wireless for Hope website’s phones.

Free Smartphones are Common Now

Today most companies now offer smartphones initially.  However, if your provider doesn’t offer smartphones, you can get one for a reasonable fee when upgrading your plan.  What is the Difference Between a Standard and a Smartphone?  While a standard phone is fine if you only want to make and receive calls.  But if you want to get a phone with all the bells and whistles, you want a smartphone.

Smartphones have an operating system, and smartphones are small computers.  Therefore they are excellent for students and businesses as well.  It has a better operating system, like Android phones, Blackberry, or Windows phones.  These phones allow you to make calls, text messages, play games, download apps, watch videos, schedule appointments, and much more.

How Lifeline Phones Are Getting Better

Do you remember how small it was when you received your first free government cell phone?  We have had complaints about some providers that send out tiny cell phones.  If you are elderly or have vision problems, you will probably have difficulty using the phone.

Years ago, the Lifeline program started you out with 56 minutes, no internet or cameras.  Today you can receive up to 1000 free minutes, 4G, unlimited talk and texting,  Internet access, and a great camera.  Another great improvement with the free cell phone program is, that you can receive the latest model cell phones and even iPhones!

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