Life Wireless Free Cell Phone Providers

Life Wireless cell phone providers provide free cell phones to the residents of  Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois,  Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.   It is going to know that the Lifeline program is working to ensure affordable phone service is available to every state.


Life Wireless Free Cell Phones

Each year more areas are covered by the free government cell phone program.  Lifeline assistance has been providing help with telecommunication discounts since the ’80s.  This assistance program initially began to help low-income consumers in rural areas with landline services.  Today, it does not include help with free cell phone service, including smartphones.

Finally, If you live in Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois,  Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, or West Virginia, and feel you may be eligible for these services, contact Life Wireless to apply.  Good luck with your search for affordable cell phone service.

Problems with Fraud

With the expansion of the free government cell phone program, there has been a big program of fraud and waste.  Providers receive  $9.25 a month for each consumer receiving the subsidy.  It has been discovered providers were enrolling those who were not eligible, and people were applying for more than one phone at a time.  Today, cellular companies caught defrauding the government are being fined millions of dollars and thrown out of the phone program. Consumers must now provide proof of involvement with a government agency or, if working, proof of income. These new measures are set to save millions of dollars.

How to Qualify

Life Wireless is not as well known as some larger providers such as Safelink, Assurance, or Reachout Wireless. Still, their presence in the states is much appreciated in their covered areas.  You may qualify for the Life Wireless phone if your income is below 135% of the federal poverty level.  If you are unemployed or receiving Food Stamps, WIC, SSI, Medicaid, Disability, or help from another government assistance program, you are eligible for a free Lifeline phone. * See Federal Poverty Guidelines

The features of the programs are 123 monthly minutes and the rollover of unused minutes a month.  You can send and receive a text for 1/3 a minute per text.  If you are not eligible for the free phone and service, you can purchase affordable phone services for a one-time charge of $20 and  $12.75  for 250 minutes.  Text messaging will cost 1/3 a minute per text.

Life Wireless Features

  • call waiting
  • caller Id
  • voice mail
  • nationwide long-distance service
  • and international calls for a fee

You can add time by going to the Life website directly or purchase air time through MoneyGram.  The MoneyGram and a long protracted process, so the online process is most practical.

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Life Wireless
Phone:  1-888-543-3620

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