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By | November 17, 2016

If you are looking for free cell phone plans, you will be happy to know there are now dozens of Lifeline cell phone providers partner with the government, to offer free and affordable services to low-income consumers.  

If you need a little help, we will show you how to apply and qualify for this government benefit.    Cellular providers like, Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless, and Reachout Wireless, are some of the leading providers of free cell phone plans in the United States. Lifeline provides phone service for hard-working low-income families and those receiving government assistance.

The Need for Free Cell Phone Plans

Mobile phones are not a luxury, they are a necessity, in the fast paced world we live in!  This is the way we communicate, at home and throughout our day.  Can you imagine living your life without one?    Everyone will at one time or another need to:

  • Make a doctor, or other important appointments
  • Call your boss if you are late for work or out sick
  • Keep in touch with children, sick or elderly family members
  • Call 911 when you have an emergency

The good news is you can receive a phone, and 250 minutes  or more each month.

What is the Free Government Phone Program?

The government, the Lifeline Assistance program, and several telecommunications companies have joined together to offer low-income families, affordable phones, and service. 

For years, Lifeline has been helping the needy household with discounts on phone service through Lifeline.  Now most people and cell phones rather than land lines, and the program have been expanded to include cell phone service.

Lifeline has been subsidizing communication services for low-income Americans since 1985. Lifeline phone service along with the FCC, help the financially disadvantaged. The funding for the program comes from Universal Service Fund fee, charged on all land line and portable service. 

A phone gives you the freedom and peace of mind, that comes with having a reliable means of communication. They help eliminate fear and isolation that comes with being isolated. This service also puts users in contacting a rescue, and abuse hotlines for battered women. If you already receive benefits from welfare, you should be eligible to receive one of these free cell phone plans. 

If you are working, check US Poverty Guideline to see if you are eligible. These legitimate benefits are available to anyone who qualifies financially.   You may even upgrade to a smartphone when you upgrade.  Find out how to get a smartphone, and what companies offer them.

We Show you How to:

 First Find a Free Provider

Find a phone company in your state, that offers free cell phone plans.  You can register online, or download an application and fax or mail it to the company, with proof you are eligible. Policy rules vary, depending on the phone provider, and the state you live in.  But all will provide you with a cell phone, 250 minutes or more, text messaging, call waiting, voice mail, long distance, and a charger.

UPDATE:  Because of issues of fraud, you are now required to provide proof of income or enrollment in an assistance program. To prove eligibility, provide one  of the following documents when applying:

  1. A current Federal Tax Return (W-2 Forms)
  2. A letter from Unemployment/Workman’s Compensation
  3. A payroll statement or current check stubs from your job
  4. A Statement from the following: Department of Social Services or SNAPS, Veteran’s Administration, Social Security Benefits.

If there is anything, you are interested in, and it cannot be found on this site, leave a comment and us with a post that information as soon as possible.  Find out what free cell phones and other programs, are available to help you during this difficult financial  season.

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How does the Lifeline Assistance programs helps millions of people get free cell phones? – The Federal Poverty Guidelines, determine if you qualify for a free government cell phone.  In today’s economy, more people are living at, or below the federal poverty level.

Why some people hate the free government cell phones – The free cell phone program, is back in the news again.  U.S. Senator David Vitter from Louisiana has introduced legislation to  end to the Lifeline Assistance Program.

59 thoughts on “Free Lifeline Wireless Cell Phone Plans

  1. Margie M Brown

    i need help setting this up an where i need to go pick up the phone at an what infomation is needed this is my 1st time an i would need unlimited mins an where would i go to add that to it

  2. Sallie

    705 dogwood trail apt D atlanta texas zip 75551 can you send me a free phone I get medicaid food stamps also ssi. cheek

  3. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    You did not say what company you have your phone service with; but it should not be difficult to upgrade your phone whether you purchase it from the company or locally. Make sure you phone is compatible by contacting your provider.

  4. lynette

    just wondering how hard is it to get a replaced or an upgrade, this phone get stuck alot when i am getting more than one message at a time and i am unable to have photos on this phone will not let me bluetooth or message or any other way not very picky person but i would love a phone that works right, thanks much appreciated

  5. jeannie

    How do you know if the government cell phone will have service in your area?

  6. shawn murphy

    Hello. My Safelink/TracFone got wet and will not turn on anymore.(serial# 356 727 059 605 541) Can I switch service to the TracFone LG 440G or the LG730? Thank you for your time & attention to this matter.

  7. P. Lipscomb Post author

    Go to the site you have your phone service and find out, how to upgrade your phone.

  8. P. Lipscomb Post author

    All you need to bring is a Photo. ID. and the unemployment letter and the letter telling you you unemployment benefits have ended. You should be able to get everything you need. If you have a family, asked to be signed up for LIHEAP. this program will send you a check in January to help with heating bill. Check out my new website. Free Financial Help Paying Bills. Good Luck Beth!

  9. Beth

    First, thank you for a wonderfully informative website. I currently have no income. I have depleated my unemployment and am only in the begining stages of applying for food stamps (I was told my unemployment was to much to previously qualify). I’m unsure how I can prove income (since I have none) in order to receive a phone. Thank you for your help.

  10. Crystal lance

    I have a flip phone that is my government assistance phone was wondering how I could get another phone sent to me that is not a flip phone if possible please let me know thanks

  11. P. Lipscomb Post author

    Sorry you are having this problem Debbie. You will have to go online and email the company or borrow someone’s phone to call. We are a resource website and not associated with a free cell phone company.

  12. Debbie

    I purchased a free cell phone(government) from Blue Jay wireless on 5/7/2015. My phone has worked up to this am. I turned it on and am receiving the message, NO SERVICE. How do I fix this? Please help me. I am getting the message only Emergency calls are allowed. I would like a response/answer ASAP. This is Mother’s Day and I have minutes but can’t call anyone! My phone is My/touchscreen phone with T-Mobile but I purchased it from Blue Jay. Thank You for your help. Debbie Earle

  13. P. Lipscomb Post author

    Gloria, Each year you have to re-certify eligibility. This may be your date.

  14. Gloria Kadlec

    why does my service on my govt phone say that service ends 6-15–15?

  15. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Terri, I am sorry you had this problem. Before purchasing a new phone it is always important to make sure the model is compatible with your service provider. If you can return the phone for one that works with Safelink services.

  16. Teri Elis

    Currently have safelink.have called them several times about phone problems. Was told defective and to go buy tracophone to transfer account. Once bought phone (tracphone), was told not compatible. I was told nothing they could do. They would not replace phone. What can I do? The customer service was terrible !!!!!!

  17. Alisha fischer

    I have had my link phone for 4 years and I would like to up grade

  18. luz

    i have a safelink phone but is broken so my question is how can i get ia new one?? where can i buy one to put the same SIM CARD of my old phone??

  19. Marshall Baugh

    I’ve lost my phone or it was stole from me I have been trying to report it to your co. My No. Was 312-405-3260 my home No. Is 773-436-7512

  20. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Pat Safelink is very automated. You could go around in circles for days! Keep in mind you can purchase a tracfone at most drug stores, Walmart, supermarkets, etc. You can buy them online as well. Once you purchase a new phone you can active it over the phone. You don’t need to talk to anyone to activate a new phone. Pat go here to find a tracfone retailer. Good Luck!

  21. Pat Williams

    I need a tracfone my tracfone is not working .I have tried to call safe link and I can not get thru to them. I have over 200 minutes on my phone I am disambed and I have trouble walking. Can y
    Out help me ?



  23. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Lisa, unfortunately you do not qualify for the Lifeline free phone program. Even if you made $1 over, you would not qualify. There are many prepaid plans that you may want to consider. Many of the same companies that offer free phones, have affordable pay-as-you-go phone plans. Good Luck!

  24. Lisa McGraw

    II am on disability & can not affotd to Payne Att forbcell service anymore. I checked with Assurance but my income is over there limit by $100. I have major medical problems with clinical depression & I can not drive plus I live alone. I need a phone badly please!

    Thank you!

    In Christ,
    lisa McGraw

  25. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hi Joanne, whenever you have any problems with your phone, service or application, always contact the phone company you have your phone plan with. They will let you know the status of your application.

  26. Joanne Hale

    I really need this government subsidized phone. Can’t afford the cell I have with Great Call and will have to cancel it one way or the other. Can you help me. Have already submitted the required information but don’t know if you have approved or disapproved it yet. Keep hoping to hear from you one way or the other. Thank you, Joanne Hale

  27. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Darlyne, Please contact them and let them know you lost your phone. We are not associated with your phone provider. This is an informational site.

  28. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Nancy, thank you for your comment. The answer to your question is no. Anyone living at one physical address, is considered a part of that household. You are only allowed one phone per physical address.

  29. Nancy Alman

    Can two people, not related, living in the same place both apply for a phone?? Thank you.

  30. pattie stacy

    I would greatly appreciate it if I was to receive a free cell phone with free minutes it. Would help me out in so many ways thank you

  31. Everett Scott

    I need to find out who offers Life Line service in CA

  32. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Jennifer, you said you are unemployed. Are you receiving unemployment benefits or some type of support VA pension, spousal support perhaps? You also must have a physical address and proof of your income or lack thereof to enroll in the Lifeline Assistance program and receive these free benefits. These measures are put in place for the protection of the program and to assure only those who need this help receive. You seem financially eligible, but you will need to prove that. Hope this helps! Good luck

  33. Jennifer Wicks

    I am unemployed, haven’t filed taxes in years, do not receive any government assistance, do not have a steady place of residence nor do I have any documentation stating any of this or that I’m homeless, but definately need/could benefit tremendously from a free government cell phone. Is there anything you can do to assist me please?

  34. Yvonne Alvarez

    SOS! How can I get a free cell phone?

  35. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hi Mary. You have a new phone, but the phone number itself may have belonged to several different people. There is nothing much you can do except block those phone numbers, if you phone has a blocking feature. Hope this helps.

  36. mary furphy

    I would like to know if someone would help me I keep getting phone calls from other people that I dont know an I just got this phone an I would like to know what you can do about it

  37. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Linda, you have not mentioned whom you have your free phone service with. Can you please contact the phone company you have the service with. They will be able to help you with that!

  38. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Michael, contract your cell phone provider, or go to their website, to see what phones they have on sale or what phone are compatible with your service.

  39. michael leone

    i lost my phone. i received a text from hunny that stated i need to provide my own phone to continue to receive my free minutes. please email me a list of the brand of phones that are compatible with reach out wireless

  40. Jerry Sherman

    How long will it take to receive my free phone?

  41. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Steven, just go to the cell phone providers list on Free Government Cell Phones Guide, to find a fee cell phone company in your state.

  42. Steven Gaille

    Please help me get help with a cell phone due to my low income being on disability I really need one desperately. Trying make it in this poverty stricken world. Thank You kindly. Steven Gaille.

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