Arizona Free Government Cell Phones

Arizona free government cell phones.  The economic situation has been improving in the US, but there are still a lot of people who are struggling.  Some of the hardest working people can not provide for their families basic needs.  You also have seniors or the disabled who can greatly benefit from help with a landline or free service.

There are many options if you live in Arizona and are looking for a free government phone provider.  These Lifeline providers offer free phones and minutes to qualified consumers.  You may be eligible even if you are working.  Cell phone service and rules vary slightly depending on your state.

Top Provider in Arizona

Safelink is one of the free government phone providers providing free cell phones in Arizona, through the Lifeline Program.  It is one of the leading providers in the Lifeline free phone program.  LifeLine program offers government-assisted phone services to low-income families and individuals in Arizona.  When you qualify, you can receive everything you need to stay in touch with friends, family, and your job. Depending on your phone provider, you will receive a free phone and up to 500 minutes of talk time a month.

Arizona Free Government Cell Phones

You are eligible for the government phone in Arizona if you receive benefits from most government assistance programs or your gross family income is at or below 135% of the US Federal Poverty Guidelines.   If you are getting assistance from the programs listed below, you may be eligible to get a government cell phone free, with monthly minutes.

  •     Medicaid
  •     Section 8  Housing
  •     National Free School Lunch
  •     Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  •     State Child Health Insurance Plan/KID CARE
  •     Tribally Administered Head Start   
  •     Veterans Pension or Survivors Benefit
  •     Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  •     Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Food Stamps
  •     Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  •     Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)     Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Choosing a Phone provider in Arizona

Keep in mind that phone plans vary from provider to provider so before you choose, do a Google search to see what others are saying about the phone company and if there are any complaints about customer service or other issues with the company.  You don’t want to register with a Lifeline provider only to find out they have terrible customer service.

  • American Assistance 866-966-2628
  • Access Wireless – Access Wireless provides customers to receive free monthly minutes, free unlimited text, and 2 GB of data Access Wireless.
  • Assurance Wireless – Free Monthly data and unlimited text-free android phone.  Assurance Wireless.
  • Blue Jay Wireless –  No longer participates in the program.

  • Budget Mobile  Lifeline program.

  • CenturyLink 800-407-5411
  • En-Touch Wireless – Unlimited talk and text and one gig of data.  EnTouch Wireless.
  • Life Wireless
  • QLink Wireless –  1 Gb data monthly, 1000 minutes a month, unlimited texting.  Q Link Wireless.
  • Reachout – No longer in the program.
  • Safelink Wireless –  Free Talk, Text & Data for qualified participants.  Safelink Wireless.
  • StandUp Wireless – 500 free minutes, unlimited text messaging, 1 Gb of data.  StandUp.
  • Tag Mobile –  Free Talk, text, and data.  Tag Mobile
  • Terracom Wireless – Free Smartphone, unlimited talk, text, and data.  Terracom

Do I Qualify for a Phone?

Most states have providers and U.S. Territories, however occasionally there may not be a free government provider near you.  If this is your situation there are phone companies that do not offer the Lifeline program but do offer discounted services.  Check the company below to find discounts in Arizona.

  • Total Wireless

Lifeline Assistance Eligibility in Arizona

Some providers offer discounts to those who qualify for the program by receiving help from an approved government program or your household income that is at or below 150% of the federal poverty level.  You have the option of using most Tracfone cell phones include the free one offered.  Also, add minutes to a Tracfone phone card which is sold in many drug stores grocery stores and majors chains such as Wal-Mart, and KMart.

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