Free Government Phone Guide – Infographic

This free government phone infographic details important benefits that make possible for disadvantaged Americans to get free cell phones and land line service.  Americans have been receiving this government assistance for almost 30 years!  Down through the years, the program has changed and grown to keep up with the times.  They have gone from land line service to cell phone and beyond.  

Free Government Phone Guide

1. The cell phone providers who participate in the program have also multiplied.  The top three providers, that where recognizable brands were, Assurance Wireless, Safelink and Assurance Wireless. 

(Links located in the infographic below) You might have seen the television commercials advertising their services.  Keep in mind these are not government phone companies, but major telecommunications brands, that have registered to work with the Lifeline government program.

2. There are also phone providers who don’t offer free services but do offer a special discount paid for by Uncle Sam. If you are not eligible for a no-cost government phone, you can still purchase low-cost affordable phone plans and other basic plans.

Another great thing about Lifeline, the same program that provides a free government phone, and minutes, also offers discount high-speed the Internet for $.9.99! So as you can see, they’ve come a long, way.

3. They just don’t give always for the sake of giving; they are tools, if used properly can help, the poor and disadvantaged, find jobs, improved research and study projects, keep in touch with friends and family. Can you image life without a phone, or the Internet and the privileges they afford?

Oh, one more thing; the same companies that offer discount the Internet, have plans where you can purchase a refurbished desktop or laptop computers for as little as $150. So, check out the infographic below and if you need the help, our site is filled with great information.

All benefits funded by the Universal Service Fund

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