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By | April 13, 2018

There is nothing more frustrating than a lost phone. If you have a free government phone, it can be difficult to, notify your phone provider, purchase a new phone and all the things that go along with this problem.  You have the potential of losing important numbers, pictures and other information.

Low-income consumers struggle every day to make ends meet.  A cell phone is a tool needed to change their situation.  From time to time there may be issues with your phone or service.  These phones are a godsend to many low-income families and are a need for every aspect of life, from work related to family care.

When you lost your phone, you lose your ability to connect with the world.  It takes time and energy to contact your provider, stop your phone service, perhaps pay a fee and wait for a replacement phone.

Keep Good Records

It is a good idea to record all the information you will need to give to your provider to find your records and freeze your phone services.  Keep a copy of your cell phone number, and a serial number of your phone handy.   Anyone can lose their cell phone.  It is not uncommon to misplace your phone a few times week.

If you have truly lost your phone, contact the phone provider immediately to have the service turned off and protect your phone balance. In the event, your phone is lost or stolen; you will need to give this information, to your phone provider.

This makes it easier locating you in their system and deactivate your phone service. You will want to have the phone deactivated so that they cannot use the time remaining on your phone.  If you have lost this information and do not remember your phone, number, serial number of your phone or perhaps your cell phone provider, please contact the Lifeline Assistance program for help.

What to do about a Lost Phone

Most companies will transfer phone numbers from your lost phone to a new one.  On the other hand, other companies do not keep a record of your phone numbers.  If you should be unfortunate enough to lose your phone or have it stolen, immediately contact your cell phone provider and notify them of the situation. Give them, your phone number or serial number or your phone number.

They will deactivate the serial number on your lost phone and issue another phone with a new serial number. You have the option of keeping your old phone number, or you can request a different one.  Once you receive your new phone, call the company to have service activated.  Supply the serial number and the SIM number to complete activation.

Upgrading your Phone

Now would be a good opportunity to upgrade your phone to something more current and with more features.  Go to the phone company to find a list of cell phones compatible with your cell phone service.  You can purchase a new cell phone online,  or you can buy one from your local mobile phone store.

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21 thoughts on “Lost Phone? – Free Government Cell Phones

  1. michael hallstrom

    how to transfer my old safelink tracfone number to the replacement one.

  2. Cottrell Green

    Please help ny phone is lost i need it turn off and a replace one my old phone number is 8726008021

  3. Free Government Phones Post author

    Hello, Heather. You need to call your phone provider to let them know you have lost your phone. They will let you know how to get a replacement phone.

  4. Heather Sullivan

    Please help my phone was stolen and I would like it to be shut off immediately.

  5. Rhonda powers

    How do I get my safelimk phone replaced the one time? My phone has been stolen and I do not know who to call please.

  6. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Nichole, contact Safelink Wireless, to have the phone replaced. You may have to pay a fee for a second phone and you replacement phone may be different.

  7. Nicoleengland

    My safelink phine has been lost or stolen how get it replaced

  8. ShaRon Crudup

    My phone number is (314) 824-6260. My free government phone is lost. I want it deactivated. If possible, I need a new free government phone without charges and a new telephone number. I lost the paperwork of My Provider’s name.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Sincerely Yours,

    ShaRon Crudup

  9. Morgana Frontera

    I either lost the access/kyocera wireless government phone a week ago, or stolen. I have been trying unsuccessfully be toll free customer service number, to cancel my phone. can it be done on-line? My telephone number is 702 743-2607. waiting upon your reply. thankyou.

  10. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Elehu, if you returned the phone without including your name, phone and ID number, the phone provider may not know who returned the phone. Contact your phone provider directly for help.

  11. Elehu Tolbert

    You sent me a phone but it was destroyed in the mail so I sent it back you have never sent me another one and its been about 2 or 3 months now.. My ID number is 1603869 could you please send me another phone.. I keep getting email to use it and I don’t have one yet.. thank you.. Elehu Tolbert, 3680 Madrid Street, Las Vegas, Navada 89121

  12. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    William, what company do you have your service with?

  13. William Echenique

    I lost my phone recently and I would like to get another one, the phone number is 786 212-6767. will you please send me another one with the same phone number, I do not mind the phone model. Thank you for your time

  14. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Mary, call the company: 1 877 870-9222

  15. marystout

    i lost my cell phone would like to get another one pleaseit was a reachout wireless phone and the phone number was 562 204-7861 will you please send me another one with the same phone number

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