How to Replace Lost Tracfone Phones

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How to Replace Lost Tracfone Phones – Have you lost your phone?  Bummer!  Often you may have to replace lost or stolen Tracfones.  Losing your phone is a pain.  However, you can purchase replacements at many stores, change SIM cards, and you’re back in business. When you lose your phone contact, the customer service representatives will suspend your phone, hold the minutes and transfer them to your new phone when activated.

There will be a break in your service until you receive a new phone. TracFone Wireless is a prepaid wireless telecommunication service provider in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

They are the premier provider of wireless phones and one of the retailers for Safelink compatible phones.  They are the fifth-largest phone company in the world, having almost 300 million subscribers.

Replace Your Lost Tracfones

Safelink Wireless does not offer insurance for Tracfones, so when they stop working or have a lost phone, you have to purchase a new phone.  When you get another phone, you can keep the basic model or upgrade to a better model.   You can buy a time card at Wal-Market, most drug stores,, or anywhere Tracfones are sold.

They partner with well-known manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, LG, and Kyocera.  This partnership makes it possible to provide high-quality phones at competitive prices.

What to do When you Lose your Phone

  • Go online to, or call 800-867-7183
  • Enter the zip code to get a list of Tracfone phones compatible with Safelink Wireless services
  • Please give them your name, phone number, and serial number for the missing phone.
  • You can keep your phone number or ask for a new one.
  • Purchase your new phone at Radio Shack, Eckerd, Kroger and K-Mart, Walmart, and  many drug stores

When you get your new phone, you call to have it activated by providing the serial number on the activation card, and the SIM card code, on the back of the SIM.    Tracfones airtime: Any remaining is transferred to your new phone.   Tracfone Customer Service – 1 (800) 867-7183 or look for Safelink Compatible Phones.

Tracfones  – Promotional Codes for Minutes – 2019

Tracfone often offers promotions as a way to stimulate sales.  You can find these promotion codes in many places.  I am only posting those current and active new codes.  You use these codes, adding time to your Safelink Wireless phone services.  There will be a prompt on-line or with an agent, where you will give or enter these codes to get additional time. 

Codes for Phone Cards

Cards 60 Minutes or More 
50808 – 20 bonus minutes
12745 – 60 bonus minutes
22703 – 60 bonus minutes

Cards 120 Minute or More

10106 – 30 bonus minutes
74316 – 60 bonus minutes
48189 – 40 bonus minutes
47882 – 30 bonus minutes
31154 – 40 bonus minutes
21381 – 30 bonus minutes

Cards 200 Minute or More 

37227 – 40 bonus minutes
74316 – 60 bonus minutes
47745 – 40 bonus minutes
17158 – 50 bonus minutes
46081 – 50 bonus minutes
49172 – 40 bonus minutes

Promo Codes for 1 Year/400 Minute Cards

54654 – 300 bonus minutes
70362 – $15 off – online only
48691 – 300 bonus minutes
16756 – 300 bonus minutes
26249 – 300 bonus minutes
95322 – 500 bonus minutes
70006 – $15 off – online only

Promo Codes For 450 Minute Cards

26642 – 50 bonus minutes0447 – 50 bonus minutes
74316 – 60 bonus minutes
95176 – 50 bonus minutes
36534 – 50 bonus minutes

Smartphone Only Airtime Cards

Each Smartphone only code is for a specific
15397 – 100 bonus Data – $25
16311 – 1000 bonus Texts – 1000 Text
38783 – 1000 bonus Texts – 1000 Text
14223 – 500 bonus MB Data – 1 GB Data
83407 – 100 bonus Talk – $15
22505 – 100 bonus Data – $25
37031 – $15 off – 1 Year/$125
45999 – 100 bonus Talk – $15
13772 – 200 bonus Talk – $35
88620 – 500 bonus Texts – 1000 Text Only
98615 – 100 bonus Talk – $15
27913 – 100 bonus MB Data – $25
84737 – 100 bonus Talk airtime – $15
22184 – 100 MB bonus Data – $25

 *Check out: Safelink compatible phone models and How to Replace Your Lost or Stolen Phone

Contact SafeLink Wireless  Here
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

These codes change from time to time.  If a code does not work, check back again.  We will update new deals and bonus codes regularly.

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  1. Elizabeth McClurg

    My phone shuts itself off when I am talking or texting on internet I can hear people when I call they can’t hear me sometimes they hear me and I can’t hear them so what can I do I need this phone for work it the only one I have can u send a replacement or fix the issue

  2. Lesa J Lacy

    I’m having trouble with my cellphone,the people. that I call can’t hear me.
    But I can hear them,i think I need a replacement phone,how do I go about getting a new phone?


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