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By | April 3, 2012

High-speed discount Internet service, is a tremendous help to families, especially those with children.  The same program that funds free government phones, provides free high-speed internet as well as discounted high-speed internet to low-income consumers. There are many people in American who cannot afford the $50 to $90 a month is costs for this service.  Unbelievable as it may seem, many families still do not have computers, or the Internet.

  How is this  possible that in such a rich nation, that people do not have access to the WWW?  The good news is, there are companies, like, Comcast  Cable, Cox Communications and others, now offering low-cost broadband to the poor.  This access helps close the digital and education gap that exists in America.

Why Discount Internet Service?

Families that cannot afford this technology, cannot compete or keep up with their peers.  These families fall behind more affluent families, in areas as simple as doing a book report or filling out a job application or sending a resume to an employer.  Public library limits access to one hour, which makes online pursuits very difficult.  Assisting low-income residents with affordable broadband services, not only helps families, but communities.  When a household has access to Internet services, they have the ability to:

How is it possible that in such a rich nation and the United States,  everyone does not have internet access?  The good news is, there are companies, like, Comcast  Cable, Cox, are helping the disadvantaged.  Through their $9.99 internet services, you can now:

  • Do research for school and job projects
  • Easily look for and apply for new jobs
  • Take online college courses
  • Skype families is other countries
  • Start an online business
  • and basically have access to all the knowledge in the world

Who are the Providers?

The three major companies that are offering discount Internet service, to individuals and families, are Connect-to-Compete, Comcast  and CenturyLink.  They are not only providing discount Internet service, but offering, low-cost computers as well as training in computer literacy.  As these leaders in the communication industry are helping to bridge the gap, other companies like,   Cablevision, Charter, Cox Communications, Bend Cable, Bright House Networks, Eagle Communications, GCI, Insight, Mediacom, Midcontinent, Sjoberg’s Cable and Suddenlink, have come on board as well!   As communication companies understand the benefit of giving back to the communities, they serve, more of these affordable Internet programs will be developed by private companies.

 What Comcast Offers

Comcast, has started a pilot program called, Internet Essentials. This is a program provides affordable discount Internet service to the poor. If you meet the financial requirements, you may be eligible to receive this, at the cost of, $9.95 a month, before taxes. This program is available in any area wherever the Internet access provider, Comcast is offering service. Low-income families as well as individuals will have access to high-speed the Internet (1.5Mbps) download speed, computers starting at $150.

  • High speed-broadband at $9.95 a month
  • Norton Security Suite Antivirus Software
  • Parental Control features

*Internet Eessentials provides discount broadband service

What Connect2Compete Offers

  • Windows 7
  • Free shipping
  • Microsoft Office
  • 90-day tech support
  • 3 – year access to the program
  • Low cost broadband – $9.95 a month
  • Refurbished computers starting at – $150
  • Low cost computer classes offer by Geek Squad
  • Access to Discovery Education’s “educational content,”
  • Online certification classes for $1 for per call from


If you presently qualify for the free government cell phone program, you will qualify for this low-cost broadband offer; along with a low-cost computer or laptop.

How to Receive Discount Internet for $9.99 Monthly

To qualify for $9.99 a month Internet service and a low-cost computer, you must:

  • Be located where discount Internet service is offered
  • Have not subscribed to Comcast Internet service within the last 90 days
  • Have at least one child participating in the National School Lunch Program
  • Not have an overdue Comcast bill or equipment that has not been returned

 Now that you know how to get cheap internet service, find out how to get  no-cost government cell phones and free minutes each month.

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