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About Free Government, Cell Phone Guide will help you navigate the host of government cell phone providers. Find out how to upgrade or get a smartphone. We know it can be a little overwhelming, choosing the right government cell phone.  Let’s face it; nobody wants to search online all day, for good information.  This site will help you find, just what you are looking for.  We are not related to the Lifeline Assistance program or free government phones. We are, however, a resource for those looking for information about them.

About Us

We showcase national free cell and regional phone providers, that cover smaller areas. We also list each company’s benefits, how to apply and receive your very own, cell phone, and minutes each month! You will discover more about the FCC mandated, Lifeline program, how they are funded, and we will keep you updated on recent news about this government program.  FOLLOW US @ Facebook

You will be surprised to discover; you may be eligible for the free cell phone program, even if you have a job. Hopefully, you will find what you need here, and please, share this great information with your friends and family!   We welcome your comments and questions.

What you will find Out:

Free government phones have been around for a long time. The Lifeline program has provided discount phone services to low-income families and individuals since 1985. Not until widespread popularity of the cell phone, did the free phone program explode. Monies collected by the Universal Service Fund, help makes these phones possible.

If you receive help from a government program, you may be eligible to participate in this cellular program. You will also be able to receive discount Internet service and low-cost computers if you have school-aged children. We are here to help you so, If you do not find what you are looking for, cannot find a free cell phone provider in your state, or just want to leave us a comment, we will reply to your post promptly!

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