Guide to LifeLine Wireless Phones

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Guide to Lifeline Wireless Phones.  If you can’t afford a cell phone, consider free phone service with the Federal Lifeline program.  Lifeline is a program supporting low-income families by providing discounts on phone service.  Lifeline and Link-Up are both government programs that help with free phone services.

For years, the government and FCC have been helping disadvantaged households with discount landline service.  However, today cell phones are the predominant means of communication and not a luxury, but a real necessity.

Guide to Lifeline Wireless Phones

Do you need help choosing the right lifeline wireless phone or the best benefits?  This Lifeline wireless phone guide can assist you in making the best choice for you.  A cell phone can take a big chunk out of your budget, and if you are presently unemployed or on a fixed income, this program can help ease a little of the burden on you and your family.

This site is dedicated to locating government companies offering free phone plans in your area and compare cell phone plans. We will be bringing updated news on all new free cell phone providers in your area.

You will find information about the phone companies participating in the Lifeline program. And the benefits they offer you, the consumer.  You will also get an overview of major providers like offering free government cell phones.

The major supplies of free cell phones are SafeLink (TracFone), Assurance Wireless Sprint) and ReachOut (Nexus Communications). We will go over their plans and show you how to apply and receive your phone.

You May Want to Know

Do I Qualify?

First of all, you can determine if you qualify for a free phone by checking the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines.  What is the Federal Poverty Guideline? and how does it apply to receive a cellphone?  The Lifeline program is a government benefit program, and your household’s gross family income establishes eligibility.  A household is considered anyone that is living in the same dwelling.  The people in the home do not necessarily have to be related.  more

How to Apply for a Lifeline Wireless Phone

Also, you need to know if you qualify for the free phone.  According to the US Poverty Guidelines, you may qualify for a free government phone when you live in the United States, and your income qualifies.  Once you are approved, you will receive your phone, accessories, and free minutes every month.  more

How do I apply For a Phone?

To apply for a Lifeline wireless phone, first research the companies available.  When you find a company you think you want to sign up with, go to their website to register.  Check to make sure their service is available in your state.  Submit the required documents, and wait to see if you are approved. more

Free Government Phone Providers

The freephone program is available in every US state and territory.  When looking for a provider, check to see if they provide service to your state and go to their website to sign up. You can register online or by email, or regular mail. When applying, you must provide proof of income or financial status.  more

How to Change Cell Phone Providers

All providers are not created equal.  You may not like your phone service, you may not like your phone, or your provider may have left the program.  Furthermore, you are not stuck with the phone company you started with.  Find out how to sign up with a new Lifeline phone company.  more

How to Replace A Lost Phone

If you have a phone that has been lost, stolen, or stopped working shortly after you received it, you can have that phone replaced.  If your phone is lost, the company will replace it.  Most companies do not charge a fee, but some companies will charge you for a replacement phone.  more  

What Companies Offer Smartphones

The free Lifeline wireless phone program has grown since it began.  The program first started with landline phones and went on to small cell phones and flip phones, and now many companies offer Smartphones and Androids.  Find out what companies offer free smartphones.  more

How to Complain About Poor Service

All providers are different.  Some providers are new to the game.  The greatest complaint we get from consumers is they cannot get in touch with the provider.  This is very frustrating.  It would be best to reach your provider when you have lost your phone, or your phone stops working.  Poor service is a problem that can be resolved.   Find out where to turn.  more

How to Get Discount Internet

Because the Lifeline program continues to expand the program, above all, their goal is to help disadvantaged families have more access to modern technology.  Many low-income households do not have access to the internet.

The library is the worst place to try to do a school project a most libraries only give you one hour to use the computers.  Find out how families with a child or adult students can get access to Broadband Internet for $9.99 each month.  more

Finally, if you need more information about Lifeline wireless phones, this entire website can guide you to the information you need about free phone service.  You will also learn how to navigate the program.  We hope that you find a provider and phone that you can satisfactorily use for years to come.  Good luck, and stay connected.

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