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BlueJay Wireless government cell phones.  Blue Jay Wireless is a phone provider making phone services available to, low-income and disadvantaged consumers, through Lifeline.  The service, Arizona, Colorado,  Hawaii, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, and Utah.

Lifeline, a government subsidy program, working with the FCC, to provide cellular phones to every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands.  Criteria vary from state to state, but the main goal is to provide affordable,  phone services to low-income and disadvantaged consumers.

Blue Jay Wireless is no longer participating in the Lifeline free government cell phone program.  Now StandUp Wireless is now serving Blue Jay customers.  For information on StandUp Wireless, here.

Government Cell Phones

Blue Jay Wireless has joined with The Samaritan Inn program, to provide affordable phones, to low-income families.  Samaritan Inn is an outreach dedicated to helping the disadvantaged become self-sufficient and regain dignity!  The Samaritan Inn, in McKinney, Texas, is a  program dedicated to helping the homeless by teaching life skills and providing opportunities for employment.

How to Qualify for BlueJay Wireless Phones

If you receive assistance from a Federal or state relief from any of the agencies above you may qualify for help.  It is good to know, these government cell phones, are not extended only to the unemployed, but you may still qualify if your gross family is at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

How to Apply

Find your state and download the application to find requirements in your state.   You may also provide a copy of your benefits letter or, ID from your assistance program. You must confirm you do not presently receive phone service from another provider.  Mail and fax your information to Blue Jay Wireless.


Change in Service Provider Notification

Around July 6th, your Lifeline phone service, currently provided by Blue Jay Wireless, will be provided by Global Connection Inc. of America d/b/a StandUp Wireless, another major provider of Lifeline services. We will make the change as seamless as possible. Your service will continue to be provided utilizing the same nationwide network.

What’s important to know is that you do NOT need to take any action, and you will continue to be enrolled to receive LifeLine wireless telephone service. NO fees will be applied in connection with the change of service provider.

With StandUp Wireless, you will continue to use your SAME phone with the SAME telephone number. And, you will receive 500 Minutes, UNLIMITED TEXT, and 500 MB DATA. You will still receive this service at no charge.  StandUp Wireless looks forward to serving you.

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