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There are many questions you might have about free government phones.  Below there is a list of frequently ask questions on free government cell phones.  Our hope is to supply you with the answers you have about the free cell phone program .   Free Government Cell Phone Guide, is the Official Guide to Lifeline phones.

Here, we have listed, many of the question’s readers are asking, about free government cell phones.Hopefully, you will find immediate answers to your questions here.  Question can also be asked through out comments section.

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Since the rising popularity of Assurance Wireless, ReachOut Wireless, and Safelink Wireless, there have been many changes to the program, such as the amount of minutes have increased substantially. Proof of your income, or documentation from government assistance programs, is now required.  There have also been many new phone providers participating in the Lifeline Assistance Program.

FAQ – Free Government Cell Phones Program

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Phone Issues

 Cell Phone Providers

  1. Need an operating manual for my free gov. cell phone. It is a Blue Jay Blackberry. Can you help me?