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If you are looking free government cell phones, you will be happy to know there are now dozens of Lifeline cell phone providers partner with the government, to offer free and affordable services to low-income consumers.   If you need a little help, we will show you how to apply and qualify for this government benefit. Cellular providers like, Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless, and Reachout Wireless, are some of the leading providers of free cell phone plans in the United States. 

Lifeline provides phone service for hard-working low-income families and those receiving government assistance. In today’s economy, more people are living at or below the federal level; not because they are lazy and not because they don’t want to work.  More than 75% of low-income families have at least one family member working full-time.  That means that many employers are not paying a living wage, and others are working in low-wage jobs.

Needing Financial Help

Financial difficulties can happen to anyone.  If you need a little help, we will show you how to qualify for a free government phone, with little or no money!  You may qualify for a free cell phone, even if you work.  The program helps the elderly, unemployed, veterans and disabled. The Lifeline Assistance Program, has  companies in every state.  The funding for the program comes from Universal Service Fund fee, charged on cell phones. 

If you are receiving government assistance, or participating in any government poverty program, you may qualify.  You qualify for government subsidized phone, if you receive, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Disability, SSI, Section 8 Housing, WIC, help from National Free Lunch Program, and many other programs.  You do not have to worry about credit checks, or extended contracts.  Your service is given each month, for one year, unless you need to renew.

Free Government Cell Phones Help the Poor

Mobile phones, are not a luxury, they are a necessity, in the fast paced world we live in!  This is the way we communicate, at home and throughout our day.  Can you imagine living your life without one?    Everyone will at one time or another need to:

  • Make a doctor, or other important appointments
  • Call your boss if you are late for work or out sick
  • Keep in touch with children, sick or elderly family members
  • Call 911 when you have an emergency

The good news is you can receive a phone, and up to 250 minutes each month.  See if you qualify financially.

We Show you How to:

Lifeline Free Government Cell Phones

The government,the Lifeline Assistance program and several telecommunications companies have joined together to offer low-income families, affordable phones and service.  For years, Lifeline has been helping needy household with discounts on phone service through Lifeline.  Now that so many are using cell phones rather than land lines, the program has been expanded to include cell phones. Lifeline, has been subsidizing communication services for low-income Americans since 1985.

Lifeline phone service along with the FCC, help the financially disadvantaged. The funding for the program comes from Universal Service Fund fee, charged on all land line and portable service.  A phone, gives you the freedom and peace of mind, that comes with having a reliable means of communication. They help eliminate fear and isolation that comes with being isolated. These service also puts users in contacting rescue, and abuse hotlines for battered women.

If you already receive benefits from welfare, you should may be eligible to receive one of these free cell phone plans.  If you are working, check US Poverty Guideline to see if you are eligible. These legitimate benefits are available to anyone who qualifies financially.   You may even upgrade to a smartphone when you upgrade.   Discover how to get a smartphone, and what companies offer them.

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First Find a Free Provider

Find a phone company in your state, that offers free cell phone plans.  You can register online, or download an application and fax or mail it to the company, with proof you are eligible. Policy rules vary, depending on the phone provider, and the state you live in.  But all will provide you with a cell phone, 250 minutes or more, text messaging, call waiting, voice mail, long distance, and a charger.

UPDATE:  Because of issues of fraud, you are now required to provide proof of income or enrollment in an assistance program. To prove eligibility, provide one  of the following documents when applying:

  1. A current Federal Tax Return (W-2 Forms)
  2. A letter from Unemployment/Workman’s Compensation
  3. A payroll statement or current check stubs from your job
  4. A Statement from the following: Department of Social Services or SNAPS, Veteran’s Administration, Social Security Benefits.

If there is anything, you are interested in, and it cannot be found on this site, leave a comment and we with post that information as soon as possible.  Find out what free cell phones and other programs, are available to help you during this difficult financial  season.

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    I have a flip phone that is my government assistance phone was wondering how I could get another phone sent to me that is not a flip phone if possible please let me know thanks


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